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Silver or gold?

Which do you prefer?  Silver or Gold?  Both are beautiful and both are precious.  Some people like the metallic gleam of a highly polished silver…matched with blue gemstones, it is picture perfect.  Some people cherish the yellow-orange highlights that gleam off gold when the sun hits it.  Matched with the purity of diamonds, gold is stunning.


In the realm of the Olympics, gold is preferred over silver because gold represents coming in “first.”  Being a “winner” is the mark of someone wearing the gold medal.  Have you considered that wearing the silver medal is also “winning?”  As is the bronze?


There have been a few competitions in this Olympics in Beijing where the person many supposed would receive gold, didn’t.  In one case the athlete came in second and won silver.  And was disappointed.  One commentator said that the athlete didn’t “win.”  Yet, in that same competition, the person who claimed the bronze medal was ecstatic!  They had “won” third place. 


Here’s the question: are you after silver or gold?  Which do you consider to be “winning?”  If you come in second behind your competitors, does this mean you have “lost?”


In business, each person – be it owner or manager or team leader – must determine what a “win” is.  Is it percentage of market share?  Numbers of satisfied customers?  Amount of overall team commissions in a given period?  Are you after silver or gold?


In a Network Marketing business the goal can be to say that your “win” is to see gold on every member of your downline team.  When they “win” you “win.”


As a personal aside, I was most impressed with swimmer Michael Phelps after his relay team won gold in what was his final competition – yes, it gave him his 8 gold medals, but he credited that win to the team – as it should be.  In a team, it takes every member pulling to achieve the “win.”  My hat is off to this young man for his generosity and humbleness of spirit.



My Olympic-size hurrah!

Like most people, I love watching the Olympics.  I love swimming, diving and track and field events the best with men’s gymnastics right behind that.  At our home we don’t watch television, so we’ve had to watch the highlights of each event via internet…but I’m telling you, that doesn’t diminish the excitement one bit!

Watching Michael Phelps throw his arms up in the air and holler in triumph as the team won gold was awesome.  Nearly as much as watching his mother in the stands doing the same thing!  Celebrating victory…feels very good.

This is a blog about business and I can tell you that there are moments in a business where you can throw your arms up and yell a loud “hurrah!”  You landed a contract, you got an important sale, you signed a new distributor, you got a thank-you note from an associate…these are all things to celebrate.

I’m on the road to Gold in my business, just as the athletes in Beijing are on the road to Gold in their sports events.  And when it happens…HURRAH!