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A business plan built by a fortune cookie

I’ve heard of people planning important business strategies by scribbling such on cocktails napkins.  I’ve even seen such planning diagrams on the paper coverings of little Italian cuisine eateries.  Once, at a Mexican cuisine dining establishment I saw some business men using crayons and drawing organizational boxes on the back of the child menu.  Needless to say, utilizing what is at hand at the moment of original thought is timeless and much practiced.

So why not a fortune cookie fortune?  This particular piece of fortune paper was not so much used to record business strategy as the fortune itself has become part of the vision planning…of the “you can do it,” “go get ’em!” encouragement part of the overall business vision.

This fortune reads:

  • One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interest.

This little scrap of white paper with blue ink was folded inside an already crumbled cookie from the Kari-Out Co., NY.   I have not done any research to discover where “they” find the pithy sayings “they” use as fortunes, but I’m grateful for this one. 

What does this fortune have to do with business?  The basic, most underlying foundation of any business is the vision of its founder(s).  At the core of that vision is belief.  Sometimes the vision will start with belief in an idea and grow from there.  Sometimes it is belief in the vision that sustains the leaders and managers of a business during times of difficulty.  At other times when business is good, that belief is vindicated and applauded. 

It is a fortune worth repeating to anyone and everyone who has a small business, a home-based direct selling or network marketing business and who must rely on their belief in that what they are doing is worth the time and effort; that one person’s belief does, indeed, have tremendous power.

  • One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interest.

If you know, in your heart of hearts, that what you are trying to accomplish is worthy of your time, effort and diligence…then believe that very thing and take power from it.  It will encourage you and enthuse you…and as I’ve said before, enthusiasm is contagious.

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