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If Songwriting were my Business

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=music+conductor&iid=6734018″ src=”6/b/9/5/Verdis_Aida_premiered_f4ac.JPG?adImageId=9295644&imageId=6734018″ width=”234″ height=”185″ /] If I were a songwriter, these are some of the songs I would write:

I would write a lament for all those people who are displaced by war, famine or natural disaster.  My tune would be haunting and moving with violins and oboes in the background.  The words would bring tears and the words would move the listener to action.  Most of all, the song would acknowledge that being human is a very difficult thing.

I would write a protest song on behalf of all those people who are not displaced by war, famine or natural disaster.  My tune would be strident and full of trumpets and piano cascades.  The lyrics would protest that having a home with running water is not a bad thing and having enough food in the fridge is no shame.  The words would celebrate that hope is real and dreams occasionally do come true and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I would write a ballad that cries of the vagaries of humans’ injustices one to another.  The tune would be a suite of guitars and voices singing both high and deep.  A touch of blues would inflect that it is we who do the wrongs to ourselves; and that, in a one line stanza, is the gist of the definition of tragedy: it all could be avoided if we but sought to understand first, then act.

I would write an aria that soars so high with voices so sweet as to make the lyrics nearly un-hear-able.  Its melody would stick to the ribs and the inner ear bones with a vise grip of harpsichord strains.  The discourse would move from crying about the silliness of saying you’re sorry for putting the world in financial chaos to the dismay of countries who cannot care for their populations unaided.  A single voice would rise above the mantle of sound to cry enough!

I would write songs that speak to:

  • the sadness of people hurting in all parts of the world
  • the joys of people who are not hurting in all parts of the world
  • the complexities of the human condition
  • an overriding question of when? When will we, the loudest form of life on this planet, realize that we’re not of separate tribes, but of one?

These are songs I would write if songwriting were my business.  What songs would you write?  I know that “Linda’s Business Blog” isn’t a platform for societal or political statements…but sometimes I can’t help myself.  As one person speaking her mind on this day – I hate war, I despise injustices and my heart hurts for the tragedies that are so overwhelming in parts of the world.  I hate that one Tibetan young woman, attending college in my state, cannot even stand for her own people without being spied upon by another nation through her laptop.  Good grief.



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  2. Nice insights. If I were too a songwriter, I will write songs for greedy businessmen who don’t share their profits that comes from their customers and their harworking employees. 🙂 I will also write song that condemns businessmen who destroy our environment just to grab excessive wealth.

  3. You could write songs about those topics. If you are not a musician, you could write some words and find someone to collaborate with to come up with music.
    A big part of songwriting is having something to say…you have it.
    – Chad

  4. Thanks, Vic. I, too would include those themes. – Linda

  5. Thanks Chad. From the looks of your website, you obviously do write both lyrics and music. Sadly I’m not gifted musically but I do love how we can make words sing. – Linda

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