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Appreciating the Work of others

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=marg+helgenberger&iid=6973348″ src=”0/1/5/8/AFI_FEST_2009_3568.jpg?adImageId=8996189&imageId=6973348″ width=”234″ height=”326″ /]Do you take time to appreciate the work that other people do?  We all are involved in our own jobs and businesses everyday.  Wouldn’t you like to have someone give you appreciation for the work you do?

I’m a fan of the work of actress Marg Helgenberger.  I appreciate what she does as work.  For readers of my art blog I’ve mentioned that I tend to work to dvds and vhs videos of television shows and movies – some artists work to background music, some to quietude…me?  TV and movies.

Lately I’ve been working with seasons 3 and 4 of CSI and I appreciate the acting skills of Ms. Helgenberger.  I’ve actually been a fan of hers since way back in China Beach days… I love the science and puzzle processing of CSI.  Of course the writers and producers of the show and the work of the other actors cannot be overlooked, but for me, it is Ms. Helgenberger’s work that I key in on.  Her business is as actress and her work is acting. For whatever reason her portrayal of “Catherine Willows” resonates for me: the character is over 40, a single mother, professional yet emotionally available.  That’s what I receive through my viewing of her work on that television show.

Do you ever take your car in for repairs?  We do.  My husband drives an older van and I drive an older car and both need occasional work.  I have to say that I greatly appreciate the work of Ron Archuleta, the owner and chief mechanic of his own shop: Ron’s Valley Brake & Auto Repair.  Ron has owned his shop for 30 years, having been in our community since 1980.  He said he’s still got a few years before retirement.  I asked him what he considered his specialties and he replied, “…front end work, brakes; I don’t do engines anymore….”

Why do I appreciate his work so much?  Ron, to me, is an old-fashioned local business owner: friendly, helpful, honest and gives added value. Interestingly he told me today that business has been down the past few years – as it has for everyone everywhere – and for a while it was because people were getting new cars.  But now that the economy is so bad, people are keeping their old cars and they bring them to him for repair.  I’m very glad he is in business in our town and that I can safely entrust my little white car to his care when necessary.

There’s one other work I’d like to highlight today and it is for everyone behind the yogurt made by Brown Cow Farm.  Why?  Because I love this product – the variety I buy is the “Cream Top.”  I like everything about it: the taste, the fact that it is “all natural” and because the company helps small, local farms – “…We start by using milk from carefully selected local herds whose cows are noted for their rich, high protein milk….”  It’s made in Antioch, CA, a community I’m quite familiar with; I’ve lived there and I still have family members who do.

I don’t know any of the Brown Cow Farm folks personally, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the work they do – from the people who do the actual processing to the delivery drivers who make sure my grocery store has some on the shelves.

Appreciation means to understand the quality or value of something.  Sometimes to offer appreciation is as easy as saying to someone, “I appreciate the work you do.”



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  1. It is so true!
    Thanks for the shout out on your blog!
    I appreciate YOU!

    Dr Wright
    Wright Place TV Show

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  3. Thank you so much! – Linda

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