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Once again great customer service added value

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=kittens&iid=5151228″ src=”d/a/a/7/closeup_of_a_31e6.jpg?adImageId=8348152&imageId=5151228″ width=”234″ height=”185″ /]This story of great customer service with a huge dose of “added value” involves cats.  And purchasing Christmas gifts.  And it is the antithesis example of the bad customer service I received from a vendor at an event recently.

We were attending a three-day event at the county fairgrounds – there were actually several events going on that weekend at the fairgrounds.  One of them was a cat show, the All Breed Cat Show presented by Fog City Cat Club.  During a break on one of the days I decided to drop into the cat show and see what it was all about.  Admittedly I’m a bit allergic to cat hair, well, I always thought I was “a bit” allergic previous to this because both my daughters have cats and when I visit my nose gets stuffy and my eyes water some.

I paid my entrance fee into the exhibition hall and saw that the vendors were situated right at the entrance area.  So, I browsed.  There was art – paintings, prints, notecards and jewelry; there were sweatshirts and teeshirts with cat images; there were items for cats: scratch posts, beds and food dishes; there were gift items too – coffee mugs, teapots, socks, bags…lots of merchandise.  One vendor had quite a nice collection of items and I saw a few things I thought might make good gifts for Christmas for my daughters.  Before shopping however, I was curious to get further into the building and see all the cats.

Good grief, I got only two rows in before my eyes began watering, my nose got very stuffy and my throat scratchy.  It hit me like “I should’ve had a V-8” in the forehead that I wasn’t just a bit allergic to cats – I am very allergic to cats.

I turned around and made my way directly to the vendor with the gift ideas I wanted to look at again.  The sales person answered my questions and helped me to make my choices.  She began to get concerned for me because the longer I stayed in the building the worse my allergic symptoms were getting.  Both she and I were hurrying by the time I paid for my purchases using my credit card…in fact, I could barely see because my eyes were watering so much and I sounded very funny saying “Thag you berry muj” as I hurried out of the building.

Now here’s the added value customer service:

  • as she packaged up my purchases, she gave me a gift just for me: a necklace with a charm formed as a bird – I had told her that, whereas my daughters were cat people, I am a bird person
  • she had remembered during our conversation that I was an attendee at one of the other events and could be found at a particular booth…in the scurry to get me and my allergy free of the cats, she had neglected to return my credit card to me [and I to get it back]…she came and found me to give it back

When talking about customer service and giving added value we sometimes forget that the added value can be as simple as courtesy and as expansive as returning someone’s credit card to them.



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  1. I myself am a Walmart shopper (regularly!) and I just tried an offer that I found online to get a giftcard. There were a few hoops to jump through but in the end I got a $500 gift card (took me about 1.5 hours). I’m a regular reader and saw you wrote about Walmart so I thought I’d share with you and you’re readers. Hopfully everyone else can have the same experience I did this holiday season!

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