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Starbucks and iTunes and artists-added value excellence

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=starbucks+coffee&iid=6110000″ src=”9/d/e/2/Starbucks_To_Raise_f2ab.jpg?adImageId=7988679&imageId=6110000″ width=”234″ height=”154″ /]I know what you’re thinking – “Linda, you are so behind the game! This is old news!” Well, as I’ve said before, I get excited about something that is new-to-me and I think this is terrific.  It’s added value up the wazoo!

Sometimes regular good customer service gets taken for granted:

  • You walk into a retail shop and the clerk acknowledges you with a smile or “hello” – this is good customer service.
  • While looking over some merchandise the sales person offers to show you another color or something similar that might interest you – this is good customer service
  • When you pay for your purchase the clerk thanks you and asks if there is anything else he/she can do [offer to carry out to your car a large item, or double-bag a heavy item] – this is great customer service

Added value in customer service comes when:

  • while shopping you stop into the restroom and not only is it clean and supplied properly, it is decorated attractively
  • there are live plants, well tended, decorating the establishment and the background music is pleasing
  • an attendant or clerk goes before you to open the door as you leave [often Applebee’s does this] wishing you a good day
  • a wireless hotspot that costs you nothing to use and actually works

These are all examples of added value…something added to your experience that didn’t cost you a penny.

I’m not a frequenter of the Starbucks solo locations as I often get a latte at the in-store Starbucks booth at my local Safeway grocery store [which is, itself, an added value service on the part of both Safeway and Starbucks].  However, last Friday morning, I asked my husband to stop at the location adjacent to the freeway as we were heading out of town.  While standing in line I noticed a stack of business cards with the title “Pick of the Week” and was curious.

It became clear that this is a collaboration between Starbucks,  iTunes and music artists [this card had a song by James Yuill]…a collaboration that does these things:

  • for me, the customer, I’m introduced to a musician whom I don’t know yet or I’m being treated to a free download of a tune of an artist I’m familiar with; in any case this card represents a free download from iTunes
  • for me, the customer, if I’m not acquainted with iTunes, this is a great introduction – a free down-loadable tune
  • for iTunes this is a chance to intrigue a potential new customer and give added value to a current customer
  • for the music artist is is an opportunity for exposure to many new fans
  • for Starbucks this is a great way to fulfill one of the things I think every customer wants: a reason to return

Yes this is all “advertising” and “publicity” and “promotion.”  These companies and the music artist wouldn’t engage in this collaboration unless there was a reasonable expectation of return [customers/clients/profit].  However, it is an imaginative and creative way to give customer service added value.



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  3. yummy…… thx for ur tips i’d love to follow you.anyway happy new year ~~~~

  4. Happy New Year to you also. I went to your site and used Google translator and it seems your company represents some impressive artists. How has the art market been in Montreal? I’m part of the artists community in my part of California and the past 24 months has been very difficult economically for artists trying to make a living at their art. Hopefully 2010 will be better. – Linda

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