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Thirty Women Entrepreneurs to Follow-article on Forbes

I’m honored to be included in a list of  “Thirty Women Entrepreneurs To Follow On Twitter,” an article appearing at Forbes.com and written by Natalie MacNeil.   Natalie is a media producer and consultant, specializing in online media and marketing.  I did a blog post interview with Natalie that appeared here this past September.

In her article Natalie says, “… Twitter has been an incredible tool for connecting with like-minded people from around the world….”  And I agree.  I’m not a fast technology adopter, but I do have some marketing sense and I could see that Twitter would have value to business people and entrepreneurs early on.  It’s possible to do quite a bit with just 140 characters…it teaches you economy of thought.

If you remember that marketing is the process of telling everyone “out there” about your products/services in as many ways as possible for people to find and receive information, then you know that Twitter fits in here naturally.

Let’s say you are a shoe company and you are ready to launch a new brand…that you have a celebrity endorsement.  You’ll do all the usual marketing: print, ads, tv, radio, in-store displays, direct mailers.  With Twitter you would have a company account and the day you ship you Tweet: Celebrity Shoe available today! Given that there are tens of millions of Twitter accounts, chances are good some people are going to see your tweets [the term for those 140 character messages].  Also, you’ll want to monitor Twitter for the world mentions of your new product by using one of the Twitter search applications.  Why would you do this?  You want to know if folks are positive or negative towards your new product or if they are even talking about it.  It’s just another tool for your marketing toolbox.




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  2. After seeing this on Forbes, I’ve decided to join twitter. I appreciate your and fellow contributions on twitter. And hope we’ll keep in touch.

  3. Thank you. I hope you find value with Twitter as I do…who knew the impact little 140 character updates could have? Have a wonderful holiday season. – Linda

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