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A Business to be Thankful for

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=angels&iid=200079″ src=”0196/7063947d-daac-4da2-9524-7c597b2d9e81.jpg?adImageId=7843816&imageId=200079″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]You might think I’m going to mention my own business as one to be thankful for [which I am] on this eve of the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. – not so.  I am thankful for so very many businesses “out there” but today especially these following,  have touched my life in some way this day:

Visiting Angels, Living Assistance Services – this is an extraordinary business whose people provide “…family alternative to assisted living facilities and nursing homes.…”  We have a family member for whom the Visiting Angel who comes three times a week is an angel indeed.  There comes a point in the drama of dementia when the one with this illness no longer responds to her own family…but this caregiver can raise a smile, encourage a laugh and provide a walk to the park.  Visiting Angels are human blessings…and a business to be thankful for.

Los Vaqueros Grill, “Mexican traditions with American twists”…according to their website!  This charming restaurant is about a six minute walk from my home and today provided me with a solo relaxing and enjoyable lunch.  One of the perks of having a home-based business is choosing where I have lunch – most days I admit it’s right here in front of my laptop at my desk…but today I needed a quiet getaway.  This is a business for which I’m thankful today.   I sat in their greenhouse dining area and enjoyed a lunch of:

  • “…Tilapia Tacos Anchiote – marinated tilapia, sauteed and placed in soft flour tortillas. Then topped with a scallion, cilantro and chipotle sour cream, tropical pineapple mango coleslaw and queso fresco….”
  • I started with an appetizer:  “…Camarones Rellenos Culiacan – Our most popular appetizer. White tiger shrimp filled with Gouda cheese, wrapped in bacon, quickly fried then topped with chipotle mayonnaise….”
  • add iced tea then coffee and churros for dessert.  And lest you think I ate it all, I saved half for my husband’s dinner for tonight.

Nike brand walking shoes – why would I put this humongous company in as a business I’m thankful for today?  It’s because of the walking shoes that allowed me to go to lunch in comfort.  I’m not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination [although in college I ran some cross country but that was quite a few years ago] and due to most of a year walking barefoot on the sands of Waikiki in the late ’90’s [sounds like a hardship doesn’t it?] I have some foot challenges…so the Nike brand walking shoes help. From the Nike website:

  • “…When Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman made this observation [‘if you have a body, you are an athlete’] many years ago, he was defining how he viewed the endless possibilities for human potential in sports. He set the tone and direction for a young company called Nike.…”

Today thinking about my feet was something I didn’t have to do as I enjoyed a walk outdoors on a beautiful autumn California day.

Gap, Inc – I’m thankful for this business because my younger son-in-law works there.  This brilliant young man is an Apple IT genius and works in the San Francisco headquarters office.  In these troubling economic times, especially in California with its incredibly high unemployment numbers this year, I am extremely grateful and thankful that my daughter and her husband are okay.   The founder of Gap, Don Fisher, said:

  • “…I created Gap [in 1928] with a simple idea: to make it easier to find a pair of jeans. We remain committed to that basic principle….”

And it is principles like this that keep young people like my son-in-law employed.

Raley’s – my other son-in-law has worked for Raley’s for several years.  Raley’s founder, Tom Raley, “…opened his first store in Placerville, California in 1935. His dedication, hard work and vision are the seeds from which our family of stores continues to grow….”  And this son-in-law fits that description perfectly – dedicated and hard working.  I am so very thankful that this is another young family [my daughter, son-in-law and their 2-year old] that are ending this calendar year without layoff or unemployment over their heads.  Raley’s is another business for which I am thankful today.

I heard a saying once that went something like, ‘as goes GM, so goes the country;’ not so I say.  Rather let’s give thanks to the businesses that represent the people who are our neighbors, friends and family – as they go, so goes the country.

Happy Thanksgiving.




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