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Sharing more than business today

Sometimes business is fun.  Or, put another way, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – or so the saying goes.  What’s even more enjoyable is when you take an aspect of what you do for a living and apply it to something recreational.  I’m an artist…that’s my primary business.  I’m also a writer…that’s my secondary business.  Besides this blog, I author an artist blog and a novel blog.

Today, in the blue Box.net widget in the column to the right [right under the Ezinearticles box], I offer a free download of the first 10 chapter posts of my novel blog, My Book My Blog.  This is a work of fiction being written organically as a blog, post-by-post.  It was started in August and is now 10 chapters “old.”  If you’d like to meet my character Megs and her friend Frank, and find out something about the mystery at 4023 Atlee Way, then you’re invited to download the free PDF file.  It’s titled “First 10 Chapters.”  In fact, all the articles in the blue Box.net Articles box are free downloads.

As I once mentioned to my brother, who is business consultant, it is important to have recreation in your life…it keeps the creative, innovative side of your brain working.  It’s the right side of our brains that gives us leaps of logic, intuition and that “ah ha!” moment so important in discovery.  So.  Play every once in awhile.

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