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Entrepreneurship is alive and thriving on the internet

Many people now have strictly online businesses.

Many people now have strictly online businesses.

Or: If you have a strictly online business, are you remembering to offer your customers and clients good customer service?

If you have email, and/or a website, and/or an online business or participate in any other kind of online activity, then you receive lots of invitations to look at new income opportunities.  Most of these are “advertisements,” or junk mail – the nice way to say “spam.”  Which, by the way, is not legal.  You know, just by the sheer volume of it all, that there are millions of people now who do business on the internet.  And with a strictly online business,  it’s sometimes easy to forget about customer service.

Let’s say you have a group of little ventures online.  You’re an affiliate for a couple products and you’re a member of an online network marketing business.   Some types of businesses offer an affiliate program that gives you a share of revenue only.  Other types of businesses give you, as an affiliate, the task of advertising the product or service.  For this you get a percentage share of every sale.  Some of the companies that offer affiliate status and sales also give you access to the buyers thus giving you a list of possible leads for other ventures you might be involved with.  If you have an online network marketing business, you have two objectives: selling your products and advertising for downline members.  So you are utilizing advertising and email protocols.

Even though 99% of your business is done via email and other internet correspondence, do you offer your customers and potential clients/downline members good customer service?

  • Do you answer email promptly?  If you advertise an online network marketing business do you actually contact the people who respond?  Do you welcome them with a personal email contact or do you rely solely on autoresponders?  Autoresponders are handy tools, but people begin to feel like just another number if every message they receive has the feel of a carbon copy.  If someone does respond to an autoresponder program sales letter and the system sends out an automatic “hi hello” letter, you might consider disabling that function and handling all the follow-up “in person” so-to-speak.
  • If someone responds to an advertisement you’ve placed and asks a question, do you respond in a timely fashion?  These are people who are interested in your product or opportunity and need more information.  Why would you delay in getting back with them?

If you have information in your ads or on your website that says you have follow-up materials like e-books or reports and someone orders one [providing there is no instant downloading function], do you send it out in a timely fashion?  It doesn’t matter that the material is “free;”  your point, hopefully, is offering added value to the relationship with a potential client.  If the client paid for the e-book or report then prompt turnaround shows them respect.

If you are among the growing number of people operating strictly in the online business world, remember that behind every click of the mouse, every email sent, is a real person.  If you take your online business as seriously as you would a brick-n-mortar business, then offer your customers good customer service.  Offer quality and value.

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8 Responses

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  2. I am always surprised when I business that has an email form to contact them. No phone, no address. Even if you just do business on the web, I want to know how to contact you. I dont want to send you any money if I cant contact you for a refund or if there is a problem. So when I see that form, I think they are really small and un-responsive.

    Dr. Letitia Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

  3. I really appreciate this post because I intend to start an online business soon and these are issues I will need to think about in providing a great experience for every viewer-potential/actual customer.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! Doing business via the internet does not have to be faceless and impersonal…all it takes is a little effort. There are means now that a person could even send a video response. And I’m with you – I never send money if I don’t know who I’m dealing with. – Linda

  5. Corve, I’m so glad this was meaningful to you! Doing business on the internet opens doors and creates opportunity but is no reason to forget the personal touch. – Linda

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  7. Great post Linda. I agree with you on the “spam.” Ugh! It needs to stop.

  8. It took me a while to want to do business with purely internet based companies at all. I had a difficult time forming a trust relationship without having access to a ‘real’ business – or at least knowing that there was no ‘real’ business.
    That issue is now behind me and I deal readily with internet based companies.
    However, I’m like most here: I want to have the chance to contact a human in case something goes wrong or I have any questions.

    Auto-responders etc. do nothing to form this human-human connection.

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