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Calling all Bloggers-chime in about Climate Change

Do you author a blog?  Doesn’t matter the category or what you write about, but I’ve come across a truly globally unifying event that every blogger on the planet can write about.  On October 15th, just 18 days from now [counting today], everyone can write a post about climate change.

  It’s called Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change.  You can find out more about it here, register your blog, get badges, get post ideas and more.  Right now, there are several thousand bloggers already pledged…this is pretty awesome.  I live in northern California, about 45 minutes from San Francisco.  We’re far enough away from the coast to not have the cool air from the ocean relieve the heat; it’s been a very hot summer.  It’s been a challenge to be a good citizen environmentally and to not run the air conditioner all the time; not overwater our lawn…in fact, I’m considering changes in our landscaping to cut down on watering.  We live in site of windmill farms and I understand the need for alternative fuel; we also live in one of the most heavily trafficked highways in the country.

Climate Change is a very big deal.  Let’s all address this issue as citizens of the world on October 15th by writing something on our blogs.  Then be sure to Twitter it and link it to your other social media sites.  Spreading the word to help the world…that’s one way in which we all can contribute.

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  1. Thanks for the link Linda. What a great campaign. I will certainly be taking part.

  2. I cannot wait for this day to come. I have my blog idea already. Will be hot.

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