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Why Joss Whedon’s work inspires my home business

Sometimes being a home-business owner can be a lonely profession.  That solo-ness may be one of the key advantages to having your own business based from your home, but it can also be lonely.  You have to be at times your own pep squad, both standing there holding the line, and standing on the sidelines cheering yourself on.  You have to find inspiration from somewhere.  Sometimes you find inspiration from your dreams and goals…they are why you are doing what you are doing day-in and day-out.  But at other times inspiration hits you from outside yourself.

One day while sitting here at my laptop working in the comfort of my home office/studio – I’m both a writer and a mosaic artist so this room in our house is both a writer’s office and an artist’s studio – I glanced out the window and saw a hummingbird flitting around the colorful wind spinner my husband had put in the front garden next to one of the hydrangeas.  The toddlers in the neighborhood love to run up our front lawn and watch the colors whirl as the wind catches the spinner.  Seeing the hummingbird playing around the spinner…well, it was one of those perfect moments in time.  I get inspired by such moments.

At other times I get inspired by the work of other people.  I’m fascinated by the businesses other people apply themselves to…especially in the creative industries like motion pictures and television.  A somewhat risky industry…you never know if someone will like your work or not.  I can relate.  When I enter a painting into a show or set up my booth at an art festival, there is that “I wonder if people will like my work” feeling.  In other businesses I’m not sure if that is the case: does an accountant wonder if his or her clients will like their work as long as the numbers add up?

I’m an unabashed fan of science fiction…whether in novel form, television story form or motion picture.  I love outer space and alien species stories.  I like the whole “what if” of storytelling.  Joss Whedon, who had the wildly successful “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” television series, had a one-season wonder with “Firefly.”  I’m actually more inspired by “Firefly” than with the other two.  Why is that?  Because it demonstrates:

  • not resting on your laurels…just because you are successful with one thing, don’t stop there; keep the creative juices flowing
  • don’t be afraid to try something new – “Firefly” was new and for that industry, risky.  Personally I loved it.  I’m one of the many who purchased the series on DVD and watch it over and over.  It was creative, innovative and had the brilliant idea of mixing two entirely different cultures: East with West.  It had a “cowboy, old West” flavor aboard spaceships.  It had good guys, bad guys and a mixture – the character of Jayne was definitely in that category.
  • fight for your dreams – I love that Joss Whedon fought to get the story of “Firefly” concluded in the motion picture “Serenity.”

I’m never going to write a television series or pitch a motion picture, but I appreciate the work of those who do.  My business may be different than others, but I can be inspired by the work and success of others.  Sometimes to get our own business over a creative bump in the road, it’s helpful to take a look at what other people are doing in other industries and take ideas and lessons from them and apply them back to our own.

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