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Home-based business owners are solo-preneurs

“Hey mom,” offered my daughter over the phone recently, “did you know you were a solo-preneur?”  I, of course, had no way of knowing if she hyphenated ‘solo-preneur,’ and frankly I didn’t know she was aware of the concept.  But I should have as both my daughters are extremely bright and brilliant young women!

A note about being a Baby Boomer and mom to two extremely bright and brilliant young women…it’s a challenge!  Kim, the older of the two, attended and graduated from Chico State University in northern California getting her degree in music.  She then taught high school music [this included classroom, choirs and marching band] for 5 years.  Then along came Matthew.  Now she is the busy mother of a 2-year old, teaches piano in her home and has turned her creative muse to mosaic art – something she and I share.   Jenn, the younger, is an actress, just building her resume.  She has some impressive Indie work already and she and I are looking to do some kind of collaboration regarding my fiction novel…more to come about that.  Jenn has a mind sharper than an ancient samuri sword and continuously amazes and humbles me with her keen insights into politics and world affairs.  Both girls have always given me worthwhile input in my endeavors.  So, to have one of them offer her opinion that I, as the owner of a home-based business, am a solo-preneur – well, I had to run to my laptop and look that up.

I found what I think is the perfect definition of solo-preneur. [I hyphenate the word…but that’s me.]  Abacus Coaching Ltd. [find their homepage here] defines it as:

  • “An entrepreneur who works alone, “solo”, running their business single-handedly. They may use Associates or Contractors yet they have full responsibility for the running of their business.”

I love what Bryan Leslie, owner this business consultancy in the UK says about the responsibilities of being a solo-preneur: “…you are responsible for the following activities within your business, either by doing the work yourself, or by outsourcing a combination of your businesses primary, secondary and support functions….”

He lists these as Primary:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Customer Services

As Secondary:

  • Finance
  • Quality Control
  • Statistics
  • Continuous Improvement

As as Support Functions:

  • Research
  • Human Resources
  • Systems
  • Training and Development

This list seems overwhelming at first blush for the person who is going their business alone and does no outsourcing at all.  There are millions of small home-based businesses where every one of Bryan Leslie’s responsibilities are piled, one atop the other, on the lone soldier looking out over the battlefield of commerce.

However.  It’s do-able.  Being a solo-preneur requires certain gifts and skills:

  1. determination above all…the will “to do”
  2. diligence and discipline...keep at it
  3. a positive mental outlook that feeds the emotional engine…like the little train, tell yourself “I think I can,” then you’ll know you can and you will
  4. belief in your business and yourself…you had a big “why” that caused you to start your business in the first place; keep that dream alive and real and know that you are the best person to make it come to pass through the vehicle of the business that you chose to build

As a home-based business person, you can ask yourself:

  • Am I an entrepreneur? Someone who saw a need or an opportunity and through innovative thinking found a way to meet or fill that need or op?
  • Am I a small business owner? This is certainly so…you own and operate your business…there is no one else’s name on the dotted line.
  • Am I a business leader? Many business owners claim to be business leaders through the semantics of ownership…however, a leader carries the vision and sets the direction.  If you have given your business a vision and mission, then consider yourself a business leader.
  • Am I an innovator? Not everyone can see the possibilities of a home business; and not everyone can shoulder the responsibilities of being the leader, the manager and the worker bee all in one person.  So, yes, you are an innovator of your business.

Entrepreneur + small business owner + business leader + innovator equals solo-preneur in the world of the single-owner home-based business.

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  1. Great post! I’m writing an article on solo entrepreneurship right now for a business publication. 78% of all American businesses are single-person businesses!

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