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Glad Disney’s okay

My newspaper’s business section has a great segment, the Motley Fool – which is certainly not found only in my newspaper – but I love the bits ‘o biz news it gives.  The other day it had some heartening news about the Disney company that made me glad.  I was glad not because I’m a business woman…I have a home-based business and I write a business blog…but frankly because I’m a grandmom.

My grandson is only 2-years old.  Matty is not yet old enough to enjoy the sites, sounds and experiences of  The Magic Kingdom and in my estimation…expectation, hope and prayer…The Magic Kingdom just has to stay economically healthy enough to be there when he is old enough to enjoy it…and his grandmom with him!  I reported last October that my husband, brother and sister-in-law and I spent a week at Disneyland in southern California.  It was so very much fun.  As enjoyable as it was to me now, as an adult visiting with other adults, oh my…I simply can’t wait to see it all through the eyes of my grandson.


As reported by the Motley Fool,  “…All told, revenue fell 7% from 2008 levels to $8.6 billion, and net income stopped at $0.51 per share — 23% below last year’s $0.66 per share. Still, that’s $954 million of earnings and $881 million in free cash flow, straight into the bank. Disney remains a true cash machine, even at the worst of times…Disney’s strong brands and near-constant stream of fresh, high-quality entertainment content drives this strength….”

I love news like this.  Business just has to be good somewhere for somebody or why are we all trying so hard?

Okay, I do have a couple more newspaper story-related comments to make from today’s read:

  • EBay is selling off Skype – [from the article online] “…EBay hoped the service would catch on with users of its auction site, but it never became a popular way for buyers and sellers to connect….”

I tried EBay as a home business several years ago, but it just wasn’t me.  However, even with my limited experience, I would not have found offering a phone option for seller-buyer communication convenient…email seems optimal.  [I have a comic book collection I was selling – I know, who would think I have a comic book collection?]  For my limited totally uninformed opinion, selling Skype now appears to make sense.  Maybe if EBay goes back to being what it began as, then folks like me would re-visit and not think it so complicated.  Just my thoughts.

  • Ford, Toyota and Honda Gain.… – I love the final sentence of the article as found online: “…Consumers are expected to steer clear of dealers this autumn now that the clunker rebates are no longer available….”

This was my thought when I saw the headline.  Sales only went up because of the rebate and now that it is over, so are the sales.  When people have no money to spend [or to risk] they have no money.  Also…who really won?  The rebate was paid with taxpayers’ money.  Having asked that, I am glad for the auto salespeople who made commission on those sales…they have families to feed too.

Grandmom and Matty-he's playing an "air trumpet"

Grandmom and Matty-he's playing an "air trumpet"

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