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Contributing writer at PinkPeppers

It’s a pretty cool name: Pink Peppers.  The owner of this new site, Terry Matheis, has this to say about the choice of name in the About/history section of the site:

  • “Pink is a feminine color and PP is a women’s group.
  • Peppers…well, the Founder’s then-13-year-old daughter thought it would be cute!”

The flavor, if-you-will, of this site is exciting and encouraging: Laugh. Dance. Move On. Says Matheis of this site – that gives divorced and separated women of all ages and work experience a positive forum: “…The Pink Peppers is also about attitude. A woman who is involved in a marriage that ends in divorce has two choices: She can either focus on the negative which keeps her stuck in the past and leads to bitterness, or she can decide that life is full of possibilities; and if she accepts change over pain, she can move on to achieve great promise….”

Why am I there?  I’m a business writer, I’m a woman and I’ve been divorced.  I speak the language and understand the nuances.  I like the positive-ness and the whole idea of moving on wearing dancing shoes.  Life should be a delightful dance…not a heads-down trudge.  But that’s just me.  Yes, I’m happily married now to someone who is my best friend…but the scars are there never to totally fade.  Maybe I can offer encouragement.

So where will you find me on PinkPeppers.org?  Look on the main menu bar, PepperSocial, choose Featured Blogs on the drop down and there I am in the company of about 12 talented writers and women entrepreneurs.

PinkPeppers…great name.

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  1. “Life should be a delightful dance…not a heads-down trudge.”

    That is a great quote, Linda. Thank you so much for being a contributing author on the Pink Peppers site. You have a tremendous attitude and much knowledge to share.

    The greatest indication that one has been able to successfully move on in life is finding contentment. I am very happy for you that the third time was the charm!


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