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One way home business can use Facebook

I haven’t written about internet marketing previous to this…but thought I’d jump in with one small way in which a home-based business might utilize Facebook.  I don’t think I need to iterate what Facebook is…it’s been around long enough.  But what you might not know is what value it might have for you, the home-based business owner.

This was brought to mind this morning by an article in the business section of my newspaper which talks about “Facebook privacy to tighten.”  [This article has to do with third-party applications access to Facebook member info.]  However, it got me to thinking about Facebook and business.

I have a couple of recommendations to home-based business owners as to marketing their business using the internet:

  • have a presence on Facebook
  • have a LinkedIn account
  • have a Twitter account
  • write a blog about your business
  • if appropriate have either (a) a website for your business you’ve designed yourself, or (b) a replicated business website that is provided by the company you represent [this is the case with many direct selling companies – you are an independent contractor, but are prohibited from developing your own website for their products; however for a small fee, you can have a website developed by the parent company that links to and benefits your individual business.]
  • write articles and submit to Ezinearticles for instance

Each of these has a value, but I wanted to talk about Facebook in this post.  If you are utilizing all the above for your business as part of your internet marketing strategy, then everything must link back to a “home base.”  I’m going to suggest that your home base is either your business website, or your business blog.  You have to have somewhere you want people to end up so that they can either:

  • get information about your business
  • purchase product or services from your business
  • communicate with you about your business

If you have a Facebook account, there are a couple of ways you can do this.  The profile feature allows you to talk about yourself, give contact information and list websites to visit.  For the purpose of your business, have this account be just that: business.  Don’t load it up with games and trivia.  Make it very easy for someone to see that you have a business and where you can be found on the internet and how you can be contacted.

If you write a blog, there is an application that will put the new title of your latest blog post into the status update of your Facebook account.  There is also an application that will put the post in its entirety in the “notes” section of your profile so that people can read it there.  You can also link your Twitter updates to your Facebook account.  At a glance, someone looking at your Facebook profile could:

  • see that you are a business person and have a business
  • get a description of your business
  • find a website address for your online business presence
  • get the latest status update of your business – whether you’ve updated a status via Twitter [for instance just released a new product and you “tweeted” about that] and/or you have a new blog post related to your business
  • if you made it available, they could see an email address and/or phone number to contact you

Facebook offers ways to relate to other Facebook users through “friend” acquisition, joining or starting groups, making comments in groups…building relationships.

Doing business utilizing internet marketing techniques and tools requires coordination.  Know why you would use any application and know where you want the viewer to end up and why…do you want to inform them?  Give them access to an online store?  Know your business and know your reason.  And my advice is to include Facebook as one of your tools.  [this is just my advice, not an endorsement]

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