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Home-based business owner’s take on the headlines

The really HUGE things of the universe seem to be beyond the ken of the solo-preneur, home-based business person.  After all…there is nothing my little business is going to do to affect the way the U.S. congress votes…there is no reason for any of those fine folks to take me to dinner in the hopes of garnering my vote and that of my employees for some bit of pork barrel legislation.  I don’t have employees.  There’s just me.

However, the doings of the universe can, and sometimes do, effect my micro-business.  This global economic slow-down is a real bummer because not only do I conduct commerce in my local geographical area, I am now seeking commerce via the world wide web.  I’ve chosen to overhaul my business…I’m still a proponent of direct selling.  I still am passionate about the products I previously shared information about with others.  But after writing about business for nearly two years and after reading about business for far longer, I decided to take the advice of making my business that which I am most passionate about.  For me that is my art.  I’m an artist and I am now making my art my product line. I have both paintings and and photo prints available.  I am the manufacturer, in a manner of speaking, of the products I represent.  The many skills learned in the world of direct selling remain quite valuable because I believe artists are in the direct selling business.

Headlines in the newspaper the other day that caught my attention:

  • Reader’s Digest files for bankruptcy protection” – say it isn’t so!  I’ve read this little publication for as long as I have been able to read.  My grandparents and my parents were subscribers.  My most favorite feature was the ‘drama in real life’ stories.  I remember when the magazine was thick and full of dozens of articles and stories.  I remember that it would take a few days to read it all.  Recently I thumbed through an issue [which was very thin] and was disappointed to see the preponderance of advertisements.  And now this.  Remember the Reader’s Digest Condensed books?  When my mom passed away a few years ago, I took boxes of her collection of those books to the thrift store.
  • “Sporting Chance” – in this world of shaky economics, it is heartening and hopeful to hear of the start up of a new business.  MakeItPro is a web-based business that is based not far from where I live in the Bay Area of California.  In the ‘about’ section of the website they say of themselves:   “…MakeItPro™ is the only sports destination in existence that is a total resource, marketplace and interactive social network for athletes, fans, coaches and parents — anywhere on the planet.…” What I think is so cool about this is that (a) this is a NEW business starting at a time when that might seem risky, and (b) it seems to be a NEW idea…a new niche.  Who knew that someone could still come up with something new and cool-to-boot?

Two news headlines and stories, two very different flavors.  What a world we live in.

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  1. I think we all have to evolve with the times. Congrats on your new product line!

    Dr. Letitia Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

  2. Thank you!-Linda

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