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Contributing writer at Women On Business

I love to write.  I’ve loved writing since grade school…I was one of the kids who always got “A’s” in English class.  I was one of those kids who loved writing reports and had fun with the creative writing assignments.  In high school I worked on the school newspaper and after college I worked as a newspaper reporter a couple of different times.  Once I even wrote a screenplay for a sci-fi movie and entered it into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences competition.  It actually got accepted into the competition, but didn’t win anything.  I once went to a screenwriters’ symposium and heard Norah Ephron talk about movie making and screenwriting and thought for awhile I should go in that direction.  However, I didn’t like the structure constraints of the screenplay so set that idea aside.

Newspaper reporting was fun.  In my several times of working for little papers, my “beat” was lifestyle coverage.  I got to do some very interesting work back in the day. While living in Santa Cruz, CA, back when the Miss California Pageant was headquartered there, I got to do some in-depth reporting for the little newspaper for which I worked.  I went to all the backstage events and mini-contests; that particular year was one of those for which there were feminist rebellions against the idea of a beauty pageant.   I even got to go with the winner when she was shopping for her wardrobe to go on to the Miss America competition.  Another time, another paper…I got to fly in a hot air balloon and write about the experience.  One time I interviewed a man who had immigrated to the United States from Vietnam…a very moving story.  Another time I did a big story about a Native American PowWow and was granted permission by the tribe to take photos…it was well received.  In fact, that issue of the paper sold out.  Very gratifying for a writer.

Writing is all about loving words and imparting information and ideas.  Doesn’t matter if the information and ideas are real or fictional, it’s all about telling it to others via the written word.  I don’t claim to be the most proficient in grammar or spelling, but it is so much fun to paint verbal pictures.

The point of this WomenOnBusLogopost is to celebrate the fact that I am now a contributing writer on the Women On Business website, owned by Susan Gunelius, President & CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc., a full service marketing communications provider and a published author.  I’m honored to join 20 other talented businesswomen writing on various aspects of being in business and being an entrepreneur.

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  1. Congratulations of your new writing assignment!

  2. Thanks! – Linda

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