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Top 30 Business and Entrepreneurship Blogs by Women

WoooooHooooo!  I am so honored to have this blog chosen by Natalie MacNeil  of  She Takes on the World, who put together an amazing list of 30 blogs by women of business.  If you follow the link, there I am!  This is very cool! 

I don’t care if you have a solo home-based direct selling business, or are the owner and CEO of a Fortune 500 company, women bring very special perspectives to business and it is a treat to see these perspectives written about by so many talented writers. 

On a personal note, I was inspired years ago by a business woman.  She did not have a college education, had only a high school diploma.  She did not even consider herself particularly intelligent.  But she was brilliant with numbers.  Her business sense was uncanny.  Her courage was inspiring.  She was my mom.  My mom started her own typing service when I was in junior high which she built into a small accounting business.  She was self-taught and had several large clients in the town in which she and my dad lived after us kids grew and left home.  She did payroll for some of them and taxes for the others.  At one point she tried to open her own retail clothing shop until sidelined from that when a motorcyclist plowed into her one day.  Later, after my dad retired from the Spreckles Sugar Company, she pulled my dad into the property management business with federally subsidized housing…she became an expert in HUD paperwork.  She was amazing.

I’ve always believed that knowledge coupled with encouragement can help anyone in their search for success…however they define that.  It is my goal to offer what knowledge and information I can along with encouragement that Yes! You, too, can do it!  A home-based business is indeed possible!  Go for it!

Thank you, so much, Natalie, for including this weblog in your listing.

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