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3 “D” tools you bring to your business

If you have a home-based business your business toolbox probably contains such essentials as a telephone, computer, calculator, calendar/planner, business cards and promotional materials...even mundane tools like pens and pencils.  If your business is a home-based direct selling business you probably also have tools such as cds, dvds, [these as promotional giveaways and also for your own motivation and inspiration], a car; maybe even a sales-oriented placard for your car door or decal for the window.  And certainly you keep product on hand for demonstration and quick retail sale.  These are all fantastic tools and your business building would be handicapped without them.

There is, however, a more important dimension to your business toolbox: the 3 “D” tools that you bring to your business from within yourself:

  • Dreams
  • Drive
  • Determination

It can be argued that without these tools, your business will go nowhere.

1.  Dreams:  without your dreams…which you translate into a vision for your business and your reasons why you have the business…without your dreams you operate in a fog.  It is a truism that to know you’ve arrived somewhere, you have to have first determined you wanted to get there.  Or, put another way, if you don’t know where you’re going…you’ll get nowhere.  The sure goal you can achieve is the one you never set. You can’t go to the office supply store to purchase Dreams…these come from within you.  And your dreams are an essential 3 “D” tool for your business.

2.  Drive: the drive you bring to your business will cause you to sustain a forward motion to the realization of your dreams.  Without this important 3 “D” tool, your dreams will just sit there.  It is very much like putting your car in “drive” in order for the vehicle to move…it will sit in the driveway if the only setting is “park.”  Same is true of your business.  If you don’t pull Drive out of your internal toolbox, there will be no forward motion; you’ll end up being one of those who say “I want to want to succeed.”  Wanting to want to simply isn’t enough.

3.  Determination: This 3 “D” tool is the firm, fixed intention to arrive at a certain end or destination.  Determination married with Drive will allow you to achieve Dreams using the vehicle of your business. This tool says ‘I’m going to pay off my car loan this calendar year through the proceeds of my home-based business.’  Drive will take this intention and move it forward.  This goal is one part of your stated Dreams.

Be sure not to neglect the tools that reside within yourself when building and operating your business.  The tools you have inside add a dimensionality that no amount of technology can provide.   Technology needs to be operated and directed…the operator is you and the direction comes from you.

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  1. As always, a great post. Very inspirational. I was wondering if you would consider it for the Women Entrepreneurs Blog Carnival? If that’s okay you can submit it here: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/cprof_7904.html

    Thanks Linda!

  2. People have to make sure the dream is their own. A lot of people start a business because they heard they can make money, not because they love doing it and then they have no drive to make it through the tough times.

    Dr. Letitia Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

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