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Can you outrun your competitors?

If Life’s not a race and we ought to slow down so that we can smell the roses along the way…then why are people always talking about beating the competition?  Why even use competitive language in business at all?  Does Business A really have to win over Business B?  Are we all truly vying for the exact same unique customers?

I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon in the motion picture industry…some years there seem to be two movies that come out based on the same premise.  Sense it generally takes at minimum a year to make a movie, you have to figure there must be some competitive reason two motion picture houses would release their pics in the same year.  Case in point were the two volcano movies, “Dante’s Peak,” and “Volcano.”   Both came out in 1997.  The plots were different yet the same…and, truth to tell, I enjoyed them both and purchased both when they appeared in the stores…I like action pictures and I like anything with Tommy Lee Jones and Pierce Brosnan.  [Well, almost anything.]  Another example were the asteroid/comet movies, “Armageddon (1998)” and “Deep Impact (1998)” – again, I enjoyed them both and now own them both and again I really do love anything with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.

The above movie examples is a perfect argument for an industry that does indeed vie for the same unique customers.  In each case, I [being a unique customer] paid money to go see these movies at the theater.  But I argue that this is not the case for the home-based business person.  As such a business owner, I don’t see myself as in competition with other home-based business owners.  Rather, I examine my business and identify more than one niche to which I market and have determined that there is plenty of market out there…in no way is my marketplace saturated enough that I have to spend time running.

What does this mean?

It means that I don’t waste any resources on trying to beat my competition.  I spend my time in positive efforts to move my business forward.  If I talk to you about my products or the benefits of the income opportunity for yourself, it’s not to keep you from using my competitors’ products or getting involved with them.  No.  If I talk to you it’s because I’m passionate about my products and I love to share what I know; it’s because of my heartfelt belief in the value of my products/opportunity to anyone interested.  I’m confident there is a place in the market for my home-based direct selling business right alongside others.  In fact, I couldn’t even list out for you who my competitors might be…but I can list out for you the benefits of my products and income opportunity and why you might want to give them a try.

In the world of business, especially small and home-based business, I simply don’t think we need to put on track shoes and try to outrun the competition.  I think what we do need to do is shine our shoes and give good customer service and share information.

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  1. We do need to stand out from the competition so that our customers can tell the difference between us and them. That can seem like BEATING them.

    Dr. Letitia Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

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