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A Zig Zigler quote’s 3-part message for business

I love the elements I discovered in a quote I found this morning while perusing a few websites associated with my primary business:

  • character
  • commitment
  • discipline

What the quote says is this: “…It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.Zig Zigler….”

What does this have to do with a home-based direct selling business [this is, after all, what I blog about]?

*Some days it is very hard to get out of bed and face an economy that is unfriendly: perhaps business has been down, customers have not re-ordered products, distributors have not followed through with commitments, no one showed up for a meeting…there are many ways in which “life” issues can cause a bit of discouragement and discontent to seep in.  There may be days in which you simply don’t want to face your business at all…stay in bed, as-it-were.  On those days it takes character to get out of the bed…character is fortitude, persistence, determination, belief and faith.

*Once out of bed, we realize that we are committed to this thing we call our business and to move it forward we need to take action, to do the work of the business.  It’s the commitment we have to our business, to our vision and dreams, that will get us into action…nothing happens if you don’t do something.

*We got out of bed, we recognized our commitment…now we put discipline in gear to follow through with the work.  What is the work that needs doing today?  Letters to write?  Articles to write and submit?  Emails to answer?  A contact list to update?  All the commitment in the world won’t build a business without the discipline to see the work done.

All this from a quote.

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