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Good business needs consistently good quality

Consistency is one of those things not always easy to maintain.  As a business person are you able to give good customer service on a consistent basis?  Is every product you sell of a consistent quality?  Can your product or service be counted upon to be of the same [or better] quality from one purchase or use to another?

There is a business in my community that delivers on two things consistently, every single time.  This is a restaurant that offers a dual cuisine of Chinese and Vietnamese.  We’ve been ordering home delivery for months now and I have to report that this establishment consistently:

  1. provides timely, friendly delivery – the food arrives within the timeframe of when they say it will arrive and the food is always still warm and is freshly prepared [believe me, there are some dishes you can tell if they’ve been sitting around in a warming tray]
  2. the food is delicious…every single time. We have a couple of favorites: one of mine is their “dry cooked green beans,” and one of my husband’s is their “beef with eggplant.”  The eggplant dish is significant to mention as my husband is a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to eggplant dishes [does not matter the cuisine, could be Italian or Chinese] and he’s hard to please.  He has found this dish from this restaurant to be very good each and every time we’ve ordered it.  I simply adore their recipe for “dry cooked green beans,” and again, it is delicious each and every time.

Consistency is one of the keys to a business’ success.  Your customers have to know they can count on, with every encounter with your business:

  • receiving friendly, helpful service
  • quick and helpful answers to questions and concerns
  • products that deliver what they are supposed to deliver – whether that is flavor, nutritional content, freshness…whatever the elements may be
  • follow-through on delivery times and dates

Quality is one of those golden elements that every business would like stamped upon it.  This restaurant from which we order home delivery offers excellent quality.  I believe that my direct selling home-based business offers quality products, consistently, or I wouldn’t offer them.  They have never let me down in either taste or availability or content.  My customers can rest assured that their deliveries will always arrive on time…there has never been a back order.  Consistency is one of the things I love about my business.

Another benefit of offering consistently good quality?  Repeat business.  This restaurant about which I’ve written will continue to receive our business; and, because of their good record of consistent good quality, we will continue to order something new and different as well as our favorites, because there will be a good chance the new dishes [new to us] will be as high a quality as we’ve come to expect.

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  1. Quality and consistency are such important elements in building a business and I feel like they are often overlooked. It’s 7 times more expensive to find new customers than to keep the ones you have by offering a quality product or service which I hope makes entrepreneurs think twice about the quality of what they are selling.

    Great post!

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