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Working from home is better than a picnic

There is an old saying that goes something like, “It’s no picnic.”  Doesn’t matter what “it” is, just that it is being compared to a picnic.  So, what is a picnic?

  • something fun
  • relaxing
  • done in nice weather, usually outdoors at the beach or in a park
  • can be enjoyed alone, with one other person or a whole group
  • involves special food items like watermelon, cheese and crackers…everyone has different favorites

The saying then, implies that whatever “it” is, just can’t compare with a picnic:

  • it’s not fun or enjoyable
  • it’s certainly not relaxing
  • it involves stress and perhaps unpleasantness
  • it has no good accoutrements– not special foods or beverages and no special picnic blanket
  • it does not involve working with people you like or love

What would qualify as being “no picnic?”

  1. a trip to the dentist for a root canal
  2. a job interview
  3. sitting two hours one-way in daily commute traffic
  4. going to work knowing that your work load has doubled because your office staff was cut in half due to budget constraints
  5. working everyday, doing the same job you’ve been doing, but at a decreased rate of pay due to budgetary cutbacks
  6. working 80 hour weeks and never seeing your family

There are lots of things in Life that are no picnic.  But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that having a business that you work from home is better than a picnic.  Here’s why:

  • you pick your work hours: I have a business I work from home and I work when I want to.  There are some days I’ll work 12 or 14 hours and others where all I’ll do is check email.  My choice.
  • you pick your work environment: I have two places in my home where I can work.  One place I work is a room dedicated as my office and studio.  It’s uniquely mine and has my personal touches…my personal feng shui, if you will.  There are times when I’ll choose to sit on the sofa with my laptop and work there…as I’m doing at this very minute.  It’s nearly 3 o’clock in the afternoon and our parrot, George, is taking a nap and the two parakeets, Ruford and Pippin are running around on the floor chasing one another, often coming right to where I’m sitting.  I love these moments when my house is quiet and I can concentrate.
  • you can work around illness or injury: currently I’m recovering from something and my doc says my recovery is going to take awhile…well, I’ve already said that one of my favorite work environments is the sofa in the living room, so I can do that…and I’ve already said I can choose when I work and when I don’t.  I work when I feel well enough to and don’t worry about it otherwise.  My business is such that it is set up with a workable system that doesn’t require my constant babysitting.  I literally can afford this semi-down time.
  • your business is just that – your own: I’m the owner/operator of my business.  I don’t have to rely on the work or decisions of others to ensure my paycheck.  I make the decisions and set the vision. The dreams I dream are mine and fulfilling them is my responsibility.

I’ve chosen business vehicles that are perfect home-based businesses and that make working from home so much more than a picnic…it’s a joy.

**little commercial here: I’ve mentioned that I have a great “system” in place for my business…if you’d like information about it, send me an email.

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