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Direct selling business and health emergencies

At first glance you might think that these two things – direct selling business and health emergencies – wouldn’t have a commonality…you’d be incorrect.  [I hate to tell people they are wrong, so I like the term “incorrect.”]  The commonality in these two things is that it is possible to have the one and know that the other will remain viable.

My direct selling business has been chugging right along for the past 8 days as I’ve dealt with a health emergency.  [I’m doing much better now, thanks.]  I actually have two businesses I work from home, one is brand-new and not yet incorporated into a system...the other, however, is incorporated into a system that keeps working 24-7 even if I’m laid up on the sofa mind-numb on pain killers.  And, for that, I’m very grateful.  The letters keep going out and the information remains available and the website for ordering and/or signing up is always available. This is one of the beautiful things of having a home-based direct selling business.  My being ill or injured or otherwise laid up [or even on vacation] doesn’t hamper the business of those people whom I’ve sponsored…they continue working their own businesses…and my current efforts at growing my business don’t stop just because I do.

The particular business I’m a part of has a weekly paycheck compensation plan so that if your business is producing a profit, you will continue to get that weekly profit even if you aren’t “on the clock.”  This can’t be said for many jobs anymore.  I know people who literally can’t financially afford to get sick.

There are many good benefits to having a home-based direct selling [or use the term ‘network marketing’] business.  If you haven’t looked into this, you might want to.  Listed in the right column on this blog page under Business Links are links to my two businesses.  Take a moment to check them out.  Send me an email if you have a question or comment.  Can you afford to get sick?

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