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Thar be whales here! vacation report

Vacation is a good thingVacating the normal, everyday routine helps to refresh the thinking and rest the brain.  Of course when you are us – me, my husband, my brother and his wife – vacationing together, we get into some pretty intense games like dominoes and rummy.  This week my aunt taught us a variation of dominoes called “Mexican Train.”  It was fun and competitive.  Last night we played some kind of progressively difficult rummy.  But it’s using your brain in ways not done in “normal” life.

You get customer service in places you don’t immediately think of.  A tour of some kind is one of those.  The whale watching trip we took on Tuesday was awesome.  We chose Monterey Bay Whale Watch Center – located right at the end of the famous Monterey Wharf, just past Isabella’s restaurant.  We set out on the Pt. Sur Clipper, a 55′-er with Cap’n Mike at the wheel.  We had a guide, Kate, who really knew her stuff so I learned much about the sea creatures who inhabit the ocean around the northern California coast…including seabirds like the Albatross. This is one amazing bird…has a wing span from 6.5 to 11 feet, can live up to 50 years of age and can glide for hours without even flapping its wings.  And the crewman, Dave, was helpful and attentive.

The day was perfect for whale watching…and other boat/ship watching.  We saw an unusual looking ship anchored in the harbor called The World.  It looked like a cruise ship [sort of] but it’s a private residential ship.  It literally travels the world.  The weather was slightly cloudy and the sea was calm.

I suppose because it was early June and during the work week, but there weren’t that many people aboard.  That made it great for moving around and there was never a time when you couldn’t get a spot right at the railing.  Our captain was awesome.  He took us wherever anyone spotted something.  We saw dolphins…hundreds of them.  We saw groups of Risso’s Dolphins – in one pod were weeks’ old calves skimming the water next to their moms; we encountered a “group” of hundreds of White-sided Dolphins and Right Whale Dolphins swimming together.  They came under our boat, around our boat and road the bow wave.  We were fortunate enough to gain spots at the very tip of the bow and could look over and see these magnificent animals as they came from under the boat to skim the top of the water.

And, yes, we saw whales! In total 8 humpback whales…including a juvenile and a baby.  The juvenile’s mom was huge.  At one point we were close enough to clearly see the bumps around the head area.  Cap’n Mike was terrific to go here and go there so that we had a truly memorable day.  This is customer service of a different type…excellent customer service.

Having a home-based business gives you freedom of time, freedom of economics and freedom of movement [so-to-speak].  You plan your vacation time…meaning you decide the when…not your HR department or department manager.  Years ago I worked for a clothing retailer and could never take time off at the holidays…so the months of November and December were solid work, work, work.  I work now, but I choose the schedule.

If you have a home-based business, what are the features you like the best?

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