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Companies with ideals

Ideals are principles and values that we pursue as goals in and of themselves.  I believe that the company with which I’m associated is one of high principles and values.  But what I’d like to talk about today are two other products I purchase…the companies who produce them also hold themselves to high ideals.

The first is a food energy bar, Clif Bar.  I eat one a day at mid-day, to keep my blood sugar from plunging and to keep me from eating unhealthy foods in the afternoons…one Clif Bar really fills you up!  I find the packaging interesting as it has a short story by Gary, Founder and Owner:

  • “…While trekking in Nepal, I met up with an expedition about to climb Dhaligiri, one of the world’s highest peaks. I figured that with more than 200 porters the expedition must have been traveling with at least 20,000 pounds of stuff. Expeditionary climbing takes an enormous amount of energy, equipment, and people, to put just a handful of individuals on top of a mountain. My friends and I prefer to climb alpine style; we move quickly, carry light packs, and leave no waste behind. Each campsite is a beautiful destination in itself; not simply a means to an end. I don’t believe in reaching the top at any cost – in climbing or in business. Clif Bar’s journey resembles alpine climbing. We try to travel light and are committed to keeping our company, products, people, community, and the earth healthy….” – from the back of an individual package of Oatmeal Raisin Walnut.

Just in that one little paragraph I find a principle that I admire – “…don’t believe in reaching the top at any cost….”  I share this belief and am building my own home-based direct selling business at a “slow and steady wins the race” pace.  My customer is the person who is looking for a home-based business.  I introduce my company and its product then leave the decision to them. 

I like on the Clif Bar website the main menu headings, one of which is “Soul.”  They talk about working to reduce the company’s ecological footprint and they [both the company corporate and its employees] give back to their communities.  This is another value, ideal, that I admire.  It is shared by my company and my business.  Personally, I still have a ways to go in learning to be a good ecological citizen, but I’ve come a long way…I even rinse out and clean my recylables before tossing them in the bin.

There are income opportunities that come into my email inbox that are only about money.  Money is not an ideal. It is a tool, a resource.  My business has to mean more than the tools that it is made of.

The other product I want to talk about is my breakfast cereal: Bear Naked  all natural granola, the fruit and nut variety.  Again my health is my original reason for choosing this cereal…this cereal keeps my blood sugar up until lunch time…I have no need for a mid-morning snack.  This cereal, along with the juice I drink each morning [my product] provide me with energy and good nutrition. 

I specifically chose Bear Naked/fruit and nut because (1) it is loaded with fruit and nuts, (2) it’s not overly processed and has a whole lot of things NOT in it like preservatives, trans fat and other stuff, and (3) the company’s principles of giving back: they are partnered with The National Arbor Day Foundation – I’m a huge proponent of saving and planting trees.  The company with which I’m associated helps to preserve the rainforest [email and ask me how].   My package of cereal also has a great paragraph written by the developers, Brendan and Kelly:

  • “….We both love great-tasting and nutritious food, active lifestyles and working together. So, Bear Naked was born. As simple as it may sound, we believe food should be minimally processed and made from natural ingredients you can actually pronounce…To us, it’s more than just the wholesome food we put in our bodies. It’s about the inspiration to seek adventure, the energy for hard work, and the motivation to find true relaxation…and doing good along the way….” – taken from the bag I have in my cupboard right now that I purchased at Target

I like about Bear Naked that they use the very best ingredients…yes, I have to pay for it [although the price does differ depending upon which retailer you purchase from], but high quality is worth paying for.  I like on their FAQ page their answer to the question of price:    

  • “….Why is your product priced at a premium level?  Our product is priced at a premium level, because we source the best-tasting, highest quality ingredients we can find. For example, we use whole almonds and walnut halves, not almond and walnut pieces. In addition, our granola is still made by hand, which is labor intensive….”

I’m proud to say that the product I represent in my direct selling business is one that uses the highest quality ingredients processed to maximize their flavor and nutritional value…and worth every dime spent.  Some things really are worth the asking price…after all, do you want to pay the doctor or use that same money to be well by eating well?

Principles and values…Ideals.  What are your company’s ideals?

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  1. My company has ideals. Our weight loss system is not a diet, but the beginnings of a way of life that uses natural ingredients with endless benefits to enhance and promote healthy weight management.

    Blue Skies,
    Crave2Live Nutrition

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