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One of the beauties of having a direct selling business

There are definite advantages to having a home-based direct selling business.  One of those is time control.  When you have a home-based direct selling business you are the boss. You decide when you work and when you don’t. Your business doesn’t control you, you are in charge of it.  And, if it is one of the good ones, it will keep on ticking even when you aren’t present.

I just enjoyed a three day mini-vacation, spending a Friday-Sunday with my husband at Maker Faire Bay Area 2009.  If you haven’t heard of this celebration of the DYI – Do It Yourself, Maker Faire is:

  • “….A two-day, family-friendly event to MAKE, create, learn, invent, CRAFT, recycle, think, play and be inspired by celebrating arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, science and technology….” [from the website]

There were all kinds of robotics, electronics, electricity and eclectic gizmos of all sorts. I’ve never been to Burning Man, but I understand there was lots of Burning Man “stuff” there. 

weird stuff                                                                                            faire



We’re members of BayLug, Bay Area Lego enthusiasts who, well, love to build “stuff” with Lego bricks. We had a huge area with two large displays…one was an amusement park and the other a city complete with train yard…and, yes, Lego does make model trains.

park entranceeaterypark area

One of the cool things I did while there was to visit the needle craft area and do some embroidery on a quilt square for the “thousand hands” crazy quilt this group was constructing.  They literally want one thousand hands sewing something somehow on this quilt…I asked one of the ladies at the booth what they’ll do when it’s finished and she said they would auction it off for charity.

me embroideryAll-in-all it was a crazy, busy, fun and interesting three days.  Next week I go on a one-week vacation.  The beauties of a home-based direct selling business.  If you’ve never thought about it, why not now?

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