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Shrinking Violets need not apply

I think what I really mean is that Shrinking Violets do not apply themselves which is why you don’t find them succeeding in a home-based business.

  • It takes moxie to be your own boss.
  • It takes an ability to look outside yourself to see opportunities.
  • It takes an expansive mind to dream BIG enough dreams that provide motivation.
  • It takes dogged determination to keep going when quitting seems to make more sense at the moment.

No, Shrinking Violets and home-based businesses do not mix.  Shrinking Violets don’t have courage or stamina. To make a go of a home-based business, to realize dreams and achieve goals, I think you need these:

  • a dream…a reason so BIG that quitting is not an option
  • a positive attitude – I read books on positive thinking and books on personal growth and from them have developed a list of words and phrases that I wrote on 3″x5″ cards and keep on the table by my bed where I’ll see them every morning.  They help to keep my mind in a forward, positive, outward-looking direction.  My words and phrases are: *Think Positive *Be in a Consistent Good Mood *Wake Up Happy *Smile *Encourage and Compliment Others *Be Kind to Others *Have Great Spirit *Laugh A Lot *Find Humor *Motivate and Inspire Myself *Affirm Myself *Think YES! First [from Jeffrey Gitomer] *Look for the Good in All Situations *Be Happy on the Inside
  • integrity personally – the moral and ethical standard of high values [honesty, loyalty] in all areas; as my grandfather taught me, everything I do reflects on my family name down through all generations…in his generation, this was of great importance.  There have been times in my family’s history when their good name was all they owned.
  • integrity in the operation of your business – to me this means using your own product…being its own best fan; staying within the parameters of your business’ policies and procedures…being a good citizen of your municipality
  • being a servant – make your customer feel appreciated and make your business associates feel honored

There are other attributes, of course, necessary to being the owner of a successful home-based business – doesn’t matter what the business might be.  The point is to be a Rose that blooms regardless of the thorns around it…not a Shrinking Violet afraid of the light of day.


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  1. That is a problem. People start home based business so they do not have to come into contact with people much. It’s like Virtual Assistants who do not like people. They miss the point and find it difficult to make it financially.

    Dr. Letitia Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

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