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Use human-based technology to grow your business

Technology is everywhere, used for many things.  My laptop computer is technology.  My husband’s electric toothbrush is technology.  Our very lives depend upon some type of technology.  The Greek word, technologia, means systematic treatment.  My inference in reading the definition further is that the word was originally intended to mean the application of skills or a skill set to the accomplishment of something, and done in a systematic way.

Modern businesses use technology of all kinds for commerce:

  • phones and other communication systems
  • computers and other data manipulation and storage systems
  • money exchange systems
  • transportation systems

But I think we tend to forget the technology that lies within us. We each come with technology that, if utilized properly and optimized, would increase the efficiency and efficacy of the other technologies we use to achieve our business objectives.  These are human technologies:

  • intuition
  • initiative
  • imagination

These three “i” technologies combined work to give us creative thought, intuitive leaps and that “ah ha!” moment of discovery.  Knowing, based on a “gut feeling” when to make a call could result in a sale.  Now that “gut feeling” would have been pre-informed by the gaining of knowledge of your product, market and potential client.  But it takes the technology of intuition to make that actual call.

It takes initiative to get the ball rolling in the first place.  This “i” technology is full of action.  Being the first one to open a new market, introduce a new product, present a new way of doing something…this takes initiative.

Imagination is a vital human technology- for if you can’t dream it, you’ll never achieve it.

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