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We live in strange times

We live in strange times…I mention this because I started a new eating regimen yesterday.  [This might not, at first, seem to fit as a discussion for this blog-but I will tie it in.]  As are so many middle-aged Americans right now, I, too, am overweight and facing some health challenges.  I was told by my family doctor that I have “prediabetes.”  This hit me pretty hard as my mom died from complications of having lived with Type I Diabetes for all of her adult life.  At first I was pretty upset.  Then I spent a day at Barnes & Noble.  Why not the library ?  Well, that’s one of the “strange” things about the times in which I find myself…I wanted the very latest, up-to-the minute information I could find and a bookstore seemed more apt to provide that than my local library.

I sat with my Vanilla Mocha Latte [which I later learned I should not have been drinking] and began reading on the subject.  To my amazement I found that the news I had received from my doctor was not a black notice at all, but merely a serious warning – that through proper diet and exercise I can actually stave off diabetes, perhaps forever.

So, the next step.  Changing my eating habits.  I searched the shelves and finally chose a book titled, “The Eat-Clean Diet,” by Tosca Reno.  This actually isn’t a diet at all…rather it’s a lifestyle change.  And it’s do-able for me. 

Here’s the really “strange” thing about the times in which we live- we live on a planet where some of the people have access to all the food they’ll ever need.  And some of those people abuse that abundance to the point of obesity and disease…preventable disease in many cases.  I’m one of “those” people.  I live in California in the United States and although we are not wealthy, I have an adequate monthly grocery budget.  I can choose to eat chocolate covered donuts, bowls of rich ice cream, and drink absolutely nutritionally worthless soda by the gallon.  To my detriment and shame, in the past I have.  Yes, I am genetically pre-disposed towards diabetes and heart disease, but I have within my power the ability to not become ill with them.

So, I can change the character of my grocery list.  I can buy the required 6 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables needed per day.  I have access to all the fresh water I need to stay adequately hydrated.  I can afford to buy nuts and natural peanut butter [without added salt, sugar or palm oil] and I have access to a variety of lean meats and brown and wild rices and grains in my supermarket.

Nothing wrong with this.  I’m blessed indeed to have this availability.

But we live in strange times because there are also people on this planet who do not have access to all the food they need.  There are people living in places where obesity is not even an issue because the goal is just to eat every day…and not starve.  I wish everyone everywhere had the same access to fresh produce as do I.

Why this post fits my business blog: one of my longterm goals for my home-based business is the ability to give financially to causes that are brought to my heart…world hunger is one of them.  My decision to change my eating habits is a reflection of my desire to succeed at my business.  The product I represent is a nutritious juice and I need to reflect with my life what my business reflects for me to be integral…and, I do, after all, want to live a long and healthy life…so that I can see the goals I’ve put in my Dream and Goal scapbook come to fruition.

Am I the only one who sees these as “strange times?”

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2 Responses

  1. Those are life changing moments that I love to read about. I do believe we live in “strange times” and you’re right. We live in abundance while others are merely trying to survive. It’s definitely polar.. and who sits in the middle of all that?
    I wish you the best towards your goals and successes.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I’ve enjoyed my new eating regimen for a week now and have to say I feel ever so much better – increased energy and focus, my internal systems are doing their jobs much more efficiently [I hope that’s a properly delicate and polite way of stating that]; I’m grateful for having found Tosca Reno’s book. My next personal challenge? Exercise. – Linda

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