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The ABCs for home-based business success

It’s simple, really, to make a success of your home-based business.  Whether your business is as an independent consultant for a company that manufactures a product [everything from baskets to vitamins], or you have set up yourself as a freelance virtual assistant.  Once you have the business in place, your name on the sign-in sheet, your business cards printed, your web presence established, then all you have to do is follow the ABCs.

Ninety-nine percent [99%] of your success is going to depend on your attitude and your belief. Add to that your commitment to your attitude and belief.  Let’s break that down.


  • if you think you can, you’ll then know you can, and you will [think it, know it, do it/be it]
  • posture yourself as a winner, a leader, a visionary
  • act as if you already are successful – literally see yourself as you will be and act accordingly-your mind will go to work to make reality fit your picture
  • remember, you were attracted to your business opportunity and your opinion matters

The “king” of positive attitude for me is Jeffrey Gitomer.  His “Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude….” pulled me through a difficult time.  I like Jeffrey’s writing because it cuts to the chase.  He says on page 77 of my book…“It ain’t the rain, the snow, the boss, the competition, the spouse, the money, the car, the job, or the kids – it’s you! And it always has been….”

Keep your attitude positive.  Work on it every day.  It begins with “a” and comes first.  Think, as Jeffrey Gitomer advocates, “YES!” at all times.  Have you ever noticed how a person can talk themselves out of things?  Well the reverse is true…we can talk ourselves into things too.  Say: I think I am successful, I know I am successful…I am successful. Period.


  • in your idea
  • in your goals and miletstones
  • in your dreams
  • in your company and product/service

Your belief level will reflect your income level.  I’m not advocating “pie in the sky” belief here.  I’m not going to start a business where I’m leading mountain climbing expeditions.  If you knew me, you’d know that would be out of my realm of do-ability.  I could “believe” in the idea all day and would fail.  Rather we’re on the page that you already have done your due diligence and found a home business opportunity that is do-able and has good income potential.  It has a product or service that you feel comfortable representing and is backed by a company with integrity. [As example, one thing I love about the company that I’m associated with is that it has never had to back order product and it has always paid out commissions on time and in full.  That’s integrity.]  Once I have my business in place, my attitude and belief will lead me to be successful in it.

I also believe that your attitude and belief level will generate your commitment level.


  • to your success
  • to your dreams and goals

Commitment is made of other words: consistency, determination, persistence, refusal to quit, creative problem solving, seeing challenges as opportunities, courage to plow through rocky fields…commitment is what glues you to your dreams.  If you are committed, there is only one direction: forward.

So. Be your own cheer squad.  Have three colors in your pompoms: attitude, belief and commitment.  As Yoda said, “…do or do not…there is no try….”

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  1. I also say protect your idea and your business. In the beginning, sometimes a bad word about your business can really make you feel down. The short cut? dont listen!

    Dr. Letitia Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

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