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Do you love the product you represent?

I recently received an unsolicited email from someone claiming to want to interest me in an internet-based business that (supposedly) generated $3,000 for him in less than a week.  Nowhere in his email letter did he mention a product or benefit of his company…all that was mentioned was quick money.  Well now.

As with many people who start a business from their home, my goal was indeed to generate more income.  Like most of you my budget needs a boost that can only come from another income source.  However, where that unsolicited emailer and I diverge is that money alone is not enough of an end result to make me put out time and resources to start a business. 

I need to believe in the company behind the business.  I need to know that my value system and the company’s value system are in sync.  I refuse to be a hypocrite.  I refuse to put my good name [and that of my ancestry] to shame by linking it to something not of value.  The company needs to reflect sound business and financial management.  It needs to reflect a sincere desire to stand behind its employees and – in the case of a direct selling company – its independent distributors.  I need the company that I’m representing to have a desire to make this world a better place.

Another element I require in a home business, is a product that I can be proud of .  Not only that, but it must be a product that I actually use and benefit from and love to talk about.  It has to be a product that I’m my own customer for.  If I can’t honestly say that I use, like, appreciate and benefit from my product then why would I want to share it with anyone else?

For me, to build a sustainable, healthy and growing business, I have to have:

  • a product worthy of my time and effort
  • a product that I use and enjoy using and benefit from
  • a product that I am comfortable and excited to recommend to my family and friends – these are the people I care about after all
  • a product produced and backed by a company of high values

So, to all who would send me unsolicited emails about a “money making” opportunity, be aware that I’m just not interested.  In my business efforts I lead with my product.  I only lead with the business opportunity if the person I’m talking with has that as a priority…however I follow with my product.  If this person can’t use and appreciate the product, then the business opportunity is a waste of their time.

My dad was very proud of his heritage and his name.  He always taught us kids to protect our family name and to never do anything that would cause us shame or to let ourselves be linked by name to anything undesirable.  My dad and his people [and my mother’s] were not people of wealth and means…they were decent, hardworking people.  I like to think that my dad would approve of my choice of business.  He passed away years before the beginning of this company with whom I’m an independent distributor, and I think he would like the product.  I raise a toast to my parents.

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