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Still hung up on the “downline” thing?

Have you been looking into a business you can do from home, in your own time, but get turned off by what you consider to be mlm lingo?  Does the term downline both confuse and bother you?  It shouldn’t.  It’s just a word.

All businesses have their own terminology.  My brother is a business consultant specializing in organizational ontology, which is terminology right there.  In his business he uses words like valuenets, holagents, work fractals and other such lingo.  In context it all makes perfect sense.

The word downline is not at all scary…in fact it is a word common to all businesses.  Let me show you.

In a typical corporation you have the perfect example of downline.  Start with the CEO and go down the line to vice president, to department manager, to project manager, to job foreman to worker to the guy in the mailroom.  Downline is simply an organization chart designation.

In a network marketing business, downline indicates people you have personally sponsored into your same business.  Network Marketing, or direct selling, businesses operate as a business model that requires every person to join the company as an independent contractor.  In order to join the company, someone who is already an active independent contractor must sponsor you.  So, people you sponsor become your downline.

Depending upon the type of compensation plan your company offers, your downline plays an important role in your business.  In the case of the company with which I’m an independent distributor, the sales volume of my downline [people I’ve personally sponsored and people they’ve personally sponsored] determines my bonuses and commissions.  I earn nothing from the process of sponsoring – the person pays their new distributor fee [in the case of my company the new distributor fee has been waived for the remainder of this year as its way of helping in this economy] to the company and then is in business for themselves…just not by themselves.

Obviously I am downline from my sponsor…who is downline from her sponsor and so on.  What I really like about this type of downline is that each and every person is in business independently.   In the corporation example, the CEO may or may not be the owner of the business…in fact, many CEOs are merely employees – just like everyone downline from them.

So – don’t let the terminology of a particular business model deter you from what might be the answer you seek for meeting whatever financial needs you may have.  Even the moniker “mlm” simply means multi-level marketing and this has to do with the type of compensation plan.  And, remember, even a corporation has multi-levels of compensation for its various employees.

A networking marketing, or direct selling business just might offer you the extra income you need to:

  • meet your mortgage payment
  • take up the slack if you are laid off or downsized
  • purchase the extras your current paycheck just won’t allow
  • help you get out of crippling debt
  • let you take a vacation this year
  • do whatever is your dream

Downline – just a word.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Linda
    This is a great post. You bring up several things I hadn’t even thought of as a network marketer. Also by the way just to warn you. Using wordpress.com for a home business or network marketing blog is a big mistake. I had my network marketing blog cancelled without notice by them and had to start all over and I know several others who have had the same thing happen. It says in their terms of service that you cannot blog about network marketing. So if you continue to use wordpress.com then do not be surprised when one day your blog is gone. If I were you, I would move it to your own domain on wordpress.org before it disappears.

  2. Hi Annalaura – thank you for stopping by my blog. Also thank you for the information; I did review the terms of service and am familiar with the type of thing to which you are referring. There are some online businesses that offer an automatic blogging option…canned material that gets put up with the intent of generating sales – this is not my blog and I don’t approve of those. Yes, I have a business and yes I’d love it if someone contacted me and asked me about my business because of my blog, but my blog’s purpose is to generate conversation and get information out there. There is much misconception about direct selling business out there; there are many people who don’t know the value of a home business…these are issues I try to address. I’m learning as I go…sometimes I hit, sometimes I miss. – Linda

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