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A Network Marketing business can give 18 to 20-somethings choices

Today I was sitting in a Starbuck’s in a Barnes & Noble bookstore enjoying one of my favorite beverages, an Italian Soda [with cream and vanilla].  While sitting and reading through a couple of business magazines, I observed several tables that had around each small groups of people…most of them young.  And they all seemed to be talking about some kind of business or another.

The table closet to me had five people and it seemed that one of them was interviewing the others about some kind of business.  At another table I saw spreadsheets and notebooks open and one person doing all the talking and the other three taking notes.  It seemed that the clients or prospects in each case were in their 20’s.

It made me think of the example in the company with which I’m an independent distributor, of the young man who started his own business while still in high school.  He became an independent distributor and by the time he graduated was making enough income to give him very real choices about his future.  [contact me by email if you’d like more information regarding this true example]

I wonder if the 18 to 25-year old population realizes that a network marketing [direct selling] income opportunity can give them enough income in a year or two to allow them freedom of choice as regards their future?

Let’s paint a picture:

  • An 18-year old [or whatever age is the age of legal majority where you live] signs up with a direct selling company to be an independent distributor
  • And utilizing the training and support available, is able to build a business to the level of earning in the neighborhood of $100,000+ in one year [this is totally possible – for information send me an email]
  • Before this young person is even 20 years old, he or she has the income that will allow them to attend college if that’s their wish and not have to work while doing so – except to continue building their business.  At some point, a direct selling income opportunity provides residual income – your income keeps coming in regardless of what you do or don’t do in any given month

The income that a network marketing business has the potential to provide can give anyone choices:

  • you can choose to travel the world
  • you can choose to volunteer in a worthy cause
  • you can help to fund a start-up company that interests you – or fund your own start-up
  • you can give financially to causes that stir your heart
  • you could enter a profession that you love without worrying that it wouldn’t offer the income to support a family
  • you can help friends and family in need
  • you can take care of yourself and your needs now and into the future

I wonder how many high school career counselors suggest the idea of a network marketing income opportunity to juniors and seniors?  Having your own business at a young age would be a wonderful way to learn the ins and outs of financial management.

I use the terms “network marketing” and “direct selling” interchangeably because they are the same – person-to-person businesses built on relationships.

I’m always excited to share my business with anyone interested in learning about a direct selling opportunity.  Age is no factor, experience is no factor.  This is the type of business you can learn as you do.  Most good, reputable companies have awesome support and training to help you every step of the way.   Do some research on your own.  If you’d like to see what income opportunity my business is involved with, I invite you to check my website.

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2 Responses

  1. Linda,

    Great insight and so true. Gen Y is a powerful force and they are the next movers and shakers in MLM. If you can capture their interest, keep their interest, and make it FUN, you have a gold mine!

    Thanks for sharing your insight!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  2. Thank you, Jackie! Of one thing I am certain…a direct selling business is a lot of fun! I’ve met some wonderful people, from all walks of life, all ages and income levels. Yes, it takes work to build a successful business, but this industry “you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” – Linda

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