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Make a network marketing biz your Social Security

What’s Social Security anyway?  At  HowStuffWork’s  there is a great article that explains that Social Security “describes a program that uses public funds to provide a degree of economic security for the public….” 

This program was begun in 1935 and is now 74 years old.  Millions of people currently get Social Security benefits of one kind or another and millions more are hoping to in the years to come.  But, let’s look at that little definition again.

  • it is a government program that uses public funds
  • its stated purpose is to provide a degree of economic security
  • it is for the public

A government-run program that uses public funds for the public’s use.  Here’s the kicker : it only is meant to provide a degree of economic security.  It’s my thought that Social Security was never meant to be the entire economic security of a person or a family.  I don’t think it was meant to provide the only money coming into a household. 

I’ll tell you this from firsthand knowledge, in many cases the monthly allotment is not enough to house, clothe, feed and provide health care for an individual.  Before my mom retired, she worked for a property management company that managed government subsidized housing.  Many of the residents were on fixed incomes…provided by their Social Security checks.  There were people whose entire monthly income was $500.  That’s it.  Even with the subsidy on the housing, it was extremely difficult for these people to provide their most basic needs.  After her retirement, my mom’s fixed Social Security income was about $1100.  That’s it.  She, too, then lived in subsidized housing and because her income was so limited, had to make very hard choices.  Her health issues took up much of her income so she would often have to put off repairs to her car or gifts for the grandkids.    I wish she had lived long enough to join me in my business.

This degree of economic security is just not enough anymore.  What if you were to provide your own Social Security?  Might not be that pension fund you thought you had.  I know of people whose pension funds disappeared last year when the economy in the U.S. had its meltdown.  There is no nestegg.   You might think you will be able to stay in your job until you’re 65 or 70 years old.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Many companies have downsized and eliminated positions or laid off workers…there is no such animal as job security anymore.  And, even if you did work until age 70…if you were to live into your 90’s, that’s over 20 years of housing, food, health care, transportation, clothing, gifts for the grandkids and lifestyle choices still be paid for.

There is an answer.  A network marketing business, run from your own home, in your own time, can build to a point that it provides passive residual income that will give you the Social Security – that degree of economic security – you’ll need as you age and stop working at a job or career.

A network marketing business, or direct selling income opportunity, is a great way to:

  • bring in extra money now to help pay immediate expenses
  • bring in money to purchase the extras your salary just can’t manage
  • build an income stream that will see your financial future secured…without needing to wonder if the government’s Social Security program can sustain your future lifestyle
  • have freedom: financial freedom, freedom of choice

You don’t need prior business experience.  You don’t need specialized knowledge.  All you really need is a capacity to be teachable, a willingness to work hard [which you probably do already in your current job or career] and the desire to provide your own financial answers, your own financial security.  There are wonderful direct selling companies out there who are doing billions of dollars, earning their independent distributors good income, offering great products and are available around the world.  Find a product you can be comfortable telling someone else about.  Join that product’s direct selling company and learn from those who sponsor you and use the training they offer [most offer incredible tools and training] and build your own business from the comfort of your own home.

  • *if you have an interest in the nutritional, functional beverage industry – which is a trillion dollar industry – then I invite you to send me an email and ask for information.  I’m currently working to build an international business.   The direct selling company for which I’m an independent distributor is offering free enrollment through the rest of 2009.  Now is the time.]

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