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A network marketing biz is a no-collar biz

In our industrial age world, which is now morphing into a knowledge age world, levels of the working class have been categorized by the color of their collars: blue and white.  A blue collar worker generally is someone who works for an hourly wage, punches a time clock, literally works with their hands and often, wears a blue shirt.

A white collar worker signifies those working in offices…those who must wear dress shirts, usually white, those who attend meetings, push papers and talk on phones, punch pda’s and pound keyboards.  One change has been the computer age…many of these people…my husband [a senior software engineer] included, wouldn’t wear a dress shirt and suit to work if you paid him to.  The computer age brought workplaces where jeans and tee’s are the norm for work attire…I’ll call them the round collar.

So we have the blue collar, mostly hourly wage workers; the white collar, both hourly wage and salaried; and the round collar, both hourly wage and salaried.

I’d like to introduce a new collar: no collar.  The owner of a home-based business.  A network marketer who has built their business to a point where they now have residual passive income and enjoy time freedom.  They don’t wear a collar anymore because they don’t “work” anymore. 

Residual passive income is money you enjoy as a result of work you’ve already done.  A network marketing [or direct selling]  business can give you that.  In a good direct selling compensation plan, for instance, you earn income from:

  1. retail profit through the direct sale of product
  2. commissions and bonuses based on the sales volume of the people in your downline

The passive income will come when your organization is large enough to be self-sustaining.  If you’ve chosen a great product, a good and solid company with potential for financial freedom, then working until you don’t have to anymore is attainable.

Let’s say you join a company upon the recommendation of a friend.  You try the product and discover that you truly like it and can get passionate about it.  You’ve done your due diligence on the corporation and found it to be sound.  The company and your upline sponsor have all the tools necessary to help you get started.  [all of this is real and true right now with many different direct selling companies.]

Now you begin to market your product.  You begin to have retail customers.  You tell people who are interested in a business of their own about yours and you begin to sponsor them.  They begin to retail the product and they begin to sponsor people into a business of their own.  Over time, as your downline organization grows, those sales volume numbers will grow and you’ll begin to earn bonuses and commissions.  At some point, the organization will grow to a point where you will continue to receive bonuses and commissions regardless of whether you spend 10 hours a week or 1 hour a week on your own business efforts.   Why?  Because in a network marketing/direct selling income opportunity, each and every person is their own businessperson…each one has their own business and they, too, desire to grow their business.  So each person will retail and sponsor…those people will retail and sponsor and so on.

It’s a great business model.  There are good, sound network marketing/direct selling companies out there offering good, competitive products with good, sound compensation plans.  If you like the idea of a no collar lifestyle, this type of business could be just what you need.

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