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Is your business chilly or chili?

Do you have a network marketing business ?  Are you a direct seller with a home-based business ?  Are you the CEO of your own endeavor?  Ask yourself: is your business currently chilly or chili ?

A chilly business is cold.  When something is cold it is sluggish and slow.  It withdraws into itself and is in danger of hibernating.

A chilly business is one in which you aren’t talking to people, you aren’t placing ads, you are not training your downline or receiving training yourself.  A chilly business:

  • moves very little product or no product at all because there are no warm customers.
  • has a layer of procrastination ice over it…nothing is a priority, so nothing gets accomplished today.
  • has very little color and life in it.

A chili business  is a whole different matter!  A chili business is on fire!  It is red hot, fast and spicy!  It is a business that is warm and draws others to it.

If you have a chili business  it means you are talking to folks…you’re talking to people about the income opportunity and you’re talking to people about your product(s).  You’re sharing your enthusiasm for both your business and your product – it’s like when someone finds a truly great chili dish they like, they can’t wait to tell their family and friends…if your business is chili, you can’t wait to tell anyone and everyone about it.

Your chili business is red hot.  You’re placing ads, training your downline, getting training yourself, going to every meeting you can just to be around others in your niche and soaking up the spice.  A chili business:

  • grows quickly…with so much enthusiasm how could it not?
  • grows quickly because core tasks – whether daily, weekly or monthly priorities – get done…nothing gets put off.
  • is full of color and joy.

Take the temperature of your business today…is it cold and chilly or red hot and spicy?

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