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Scrapbooking, both big and small business

img_0618This past Friday I attended a  Scrapbook Expo  at the fairgrounds in my area.  I’m new to this method of memory keeping and wanted to see what all the fuss was about, see what different options there are in types of materials and supplies and see what this niche market is doing in this economy to keep on its feet.  It was a very fun day and very well attended.   I enjoyed it so much that I invited my daughter to attend one this fall in Sacramento, CA.

What I discovered is that Scrapbooking is a BIG business.  There were many vendors…so many it took me the entire img_0616day just to visit each booth once.  A good number of the vendors offered a “make and take” project at their booth which gave visitors the opportunity to use their products and take home a sample.  Some of the projects were free of charge, others had costs from $1 to $4…I only saw one or two with a cost more than $4…and the projects were really cool!  I learned alot just sitting at the tables at the booths and working with the materials and talking with other customers and the vendors.  As to whether the current economy is hurting this niche market is unknown to me, but from what I could see superficially was that people were buying products, paying for workshops, paying to do the “make and takes,” spending money on food and beverages…not to mention the entrance fee and parking fee.  And there were hundreds of people there.

img_0617I also discovered that Scrapbooking is an interesting small business.  There were several vendors there representing companies who offer home-based income opportunities…you can become an independent consultant with that company and earn money by selling their scrapbooking products, holding “crops” and other types of events where scrapbookers can get together.  Three of the booths I remember offhand [I’m sure there were more] were  Creative Memories  , Heritage Makers  and  Close to My Heart  [I’m not endorsing these opportunities, just mentioning them].

This morning I listened to a documentary-type video made by someone who is an independent distributor with the company I’m associated with and what he said really rang true…a network marketing business is just about the only vehicle that offers the potential for financial freedom.  What this opportunity meant for him and his young family was time.  He now has the freedom to choose how he spends his time each day…and one of his goals was to be able to have that choice of spending much time with his children.

A network marketing opportunity – or direct selling opportunity – same/same…can give you leverage.  Time and financial leverage to make the choices of life that you want.  Do you want:

  • to abolish the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. workweek?  Or more realistically the 60-80 hour work week?
  • to have the joy of attending your children’s sporting events and other activities no matter what day of the week or time of day?
  • to have the ability to choose to take your family on vacation anywhere in the world?
  • to have the ability to pay off your mortgage and own your home outright?
  • to be able to help your family, neighbors and friends who are financially hurting right now?

All this and more is realistically possible with a home-based network marketing income opportunity.  Scrapbooking is but one niche.  Nutritional juice products are another huge niche doing quite well [this is my niche]; there are other products/companies out there right now whose independent consultant/distributors/contractors ranks are swelling because so many people need to bring in extra money.  And, yes, there really are customers out there for your product…including yourself.  It truly isn’t complicated.

Take a look for yourself.  Choose a product you like and do a search engine search for that product plus the words “income opportunity” and see what comes up.  Or take a look at mine by clicking on the “My MonaVie Business Website” in the business links to the right of this blog page.  Join the population who are taking a measure of control of their financial lives by adding the potential a home-based income opportunity offers.

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  1. I am an Independent Consultant w-Creative Memories and have just joined LinkedIn. It was great to read your very informative & unbiased review of the Scrapbooking Expo. Thank you for your enthusiasm. I hope you will look into the career opportunity – if you lived in VA you could join a 3 hour meeting giving more details and career information.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. I think I’m going to enjoy scrapbooking as a personal interest, but as for a home-based business, I’m quite satisfied with the one I have. I did live in Virginia once-upon-a-time…right out of high school I joined the US Navy and was stationed at Norfolk. I served in the public affairs office. It was still during the time when ships were coming and going to Vietnam…right at the tail end of that “conflict.” Virginia is a beautiful state. – Linda

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