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First born alive, now staying alive

I’m in the process of getting a passport  because this summer we plan a road trip with my brother and his wife north to Canada…and, given that Canada is another country and given that we live in the times that we do, I need a passport.  I remember when my daughters were young and our church youth group would go on summer mission trips to Mexico to build churches or work in orphanages…we didn’t need passports then.  sigh.

In the work of getting a passport I had to find my birth certificate…fortunately I’ve been good about carrying it around in my files all these years through all the dramas and comedies of my life to-date, so I knew right where it was.  I hadn’t looked at it in many years.  It’s old!  But there, on that yellowed document, were the hopes and dreams of a young couple – my parents, who have both now passed away.  I was the first of 4 children, my mother was 20 years old and my dad 31.  My dad’s occupation was “USN,” as at the time he was serving in the United States Navy during the Korean Conflict – as it was called.  After my dad died we looked through old photos and found a cache of them taken during that time…it was very strange to see my dad all decked out in combat gear and holding a firearm. 

One purpose of the birth certificate is to certify that the baby aforementioned was indeed born alive.  The certification gets dated, signed and embossed.  I was born at a Naval Hospital; the day I was born my dad was at sea just off the coast of South Korea and the hospital sent him a telegram.

So, I was born alive.  What I now realize and understand is that from that moment on that day at 5:14 a.m. I’ve been doing my best to stay alive.

Now here’s the tie-in to small business – to home-based businessas this is what my blog is about:

  • part of staying alive is contributing
  • part of staying alive is thriving
  • part of staying alive is leading the way
  • part of staying alive is having perseverance…never giving up

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what the CEO or the 73 executives of AIG do or don’t do with bailout money…what really matters is what I do – what you do.

  • What will you do to stimulate your own economy?
  • What can you do to plug the drain on the overworked unemployment insurance industry?
  • How can you contribute to your own family’s financial well being even if you’ve sent out a couple hundred resumes and heard back on none?
  • How can you make sweet nectar out of rotten lemons?

I think the answer lies in working in positive ways to stay alive.  Be physically healthy and well.  Take stock of your financial situation and judge whether you need to bring in extra income through your own efforts – not relying on government bailouts.  Remember the stimulus checks many of us in the United States received last year?  Didn’t go very far; wasn’t enough to make any dent in any individual family that has meaning for today in most cases. 

So you can ask me, Linda what are you doing?  My answer: I have a home-based business.  I’m working so that the future for me and my husband – in our old age – will be taken care of adequately without putting strain on either our family or our government.  To me this is a worthy goal and one worth having a home-based business.  My list of “whys” has other things on it too.

What list could you put together of why having a home-based business utilizing a direct selling income opportunity would be of value?

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