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Are you going to thrive or just survive this year?

Thrive is a word full of vitality.  According to the online Merriam-Webster, it dates from the 13th century old Norse word thrifask and the three uses are relevant to all of us:

  1. to grow vigorously
  2. to gain in wealth or possessions
  3. to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances

Note that in all three uses thriving is indicative of life – of growing and gaining and progressing…going forward with positive results.

Survive  is a must do thing.  Surviving is something that we do that indicates we still breathe, that we remain standing.  It has no inflection of anything beyond that.

  1. to remain alive or in existence
  2. to continue to function or prosper despite

There is a big difference between the progressing toward a goal despite circumstances definition of thriving and the prospering despite circumstances of surviving.  In surviving it simply means, as example, that you prosper or continue to live despite the terrible earthquake – in other words you didn’t die…you’ll rebuild your home.  When you thrive, when you continue to progress toward a goal despite circumstances, this indicates that you rise above those circumstances – the single mother who works full time and has a home-based direct selling business eventually earns enough with her home business to replace her job income and supports her family and continues to grow her business.

In the current economy, with 2009 continuing to look pretty grim – there are still large companies out there facing possible dissolution due to debt – and their collapse will result in even more lose of jobs and income for thousands of people – see the   U.S. News and World Report article  by writer Rick Newman. If Rite Aid goes belly up for example, some 100,000 people will lose their jobs.  They will be in survival mode.

When you’re in survival mode all you can think of is remaining alive or in existence – keeping the mortgage paid, keeping the utility bills paid, buying gas for the car and keeping food on the table.  There is no thriving in survival.

To thrive you must have something extra going on.  What can make the transition from survival mode to thriving?  What can put some control back in your hands?  A direct selling business.

Yesterday’s business news spoke about a company that cut employees’ wages by 5%.  These were employees who were being paid little enough as it was…it was already difficult to make ends meet.  With this pay cut, some of these workers will not be able to make their mortgage or rent payments without further sacrifice.  I know of one young family that must delay paying bills to buy food.  How do you thrive in these conditions?

Starting a  home-based direct selling business  may just be the vehicle to take you from surviving to thriving.  There are many good direct selling income opportunities available that will – with some work – put extra income into the family budget every week…every month.  It can make the difference between choosing between paying the utility bill and buying food…it may provide the means to do both.  There are direct selling income opportunities that are, right now, offering reduced or waived enrollment/sign-in fees – their way of helping in these difficult times.  There are many products to choose from – find your passion, choose a product/product line and a find a company and change your mode from survival to thriving.

You might have a passion for health: there are income opportunities with direct selling companies that offer products ranging from vitamin supplements to healthbeverages and juices.  You might enjoy working with cosmetics – there are direct selling companies that offer products in this area.  Baskets, candles, home decor…there are many categories to choose from.  Do some research. 

Making the change from fearing you might not survive this economic crisis to thriving inspite of this economic crisis is very possible with a home-based direct selling business.

**right now, the company with which I’m an independent distributor, is offering free enrollment through the end of March.  If you’d like  information send me an email. **

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