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Leadership important for home-based business too

According to his book, “The 8th Habit – from effectiveness to greatness,” author Stephen R. Covey  says that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher embodied the  three prime ingredients of a great leader : vision, discipline and passion.

  • “…she was passionate about urging people to assume the discipline of personal responsibility and to build self-reliance, and she was passionate about bolstering free enterprise in her country. During her tenure in British politics, she helped lift Britain out of economic recession….”

A business organizational structure must include leadership as well as management to find success in achieving goals.  Leadership supplies the goals and management fulfills those goals.

It takes vision to be a leader...for those of us with a home-based business, we had to start with the vision.  There was something needed or wanted  that led us to search out this type of opportunity.  Things that spark vision could be:

  • needs: bring in immediate income to meet basic survival needs such as a current mortgage, utilities, food and transportation and health care
  • needs: augment current income to allow for caring for elderly parents, or allow a spouse to quit work to be with children or help a child through secondary education
  • wants: enough income so that the work week hours can be scaled back and time with family increased
  • wants: financial independence so that  freedom of choice becomes the issue…not force by necessity
  • wants: be debt free

The initial vision could be as simple as wanting to take a vacation every year…starting a home-based business could bring in enough extra money to allow a family to do that. 

If the vision is strong enough, important enough then you can manage your business accordingly.  The home-based businessperson is both leader and manager.  In your leadership role you establish the vision for why and what you do with your business and provide discipline and passion which then in your role as manager you make come to pass.

Vision: setting the reasons, the why, the dream, the goal

Discipline: the work – keeping on track, staying true to your course and set objectives

Passion: the excitement and enthusiasm, the life of your business

If you will be a leader with vision, discipline and passion in your home-based business can success in reaching your objectives be obtainable?  I think so.

*today I had “help” with this post by George, our parrot.  As you can see he is just so “helpful!”

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