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Direct Selling, Network Marketing, MLM-why sign up today?

There are very good reasons  to sign up as an independent distributor [or consultant or contractor] with a direct selling company today…and all of them are economic.  I use the terms direct selling and network marketing interchangeably because they are virtually the same.  A direct selling business is one where an independent distributor sells product person-to-person [as opposed to having a store on Main Street]; a network marketing business is exactly the same…just another way to say it.  It’s networking person-to-person to market [inform] possible customers and others who might also want a business of their own about your business and products.

MLM?  We’ve addressed this before and hopefully the education is paying off: MLM is nothing more than 3 alphabet letters that stand for multi-level marketing which is nothing more than a form of compensation plan.

Why sign up with a direct selling company today?

You might be one of the thousands in the United States who areliving on unemployment insurance and having to pay fees to receive it.  In my newspaper this morning is an Associated Press story by reporter Christopher Leonard  that talks about a practice in some states of unemployment insurance payments being run through a bank, the bank gives the recipients a debit card to use to get the money and then turns around and charges these same people a fee to retrieve the money.  The idea was to save money by not having to write and mail out checks…however – and this is why the banks were interested I think as they get to make money through this plan – .the mail/check plan meant the recipient got his money and deposited it.  No fee to get a check.  Now however, it can cost from $1 to $3 each transaction to get money using this debit card unemployment insurance payment plan.

I’m of the opinion…opinion only…that this just isn’t right.  Seems very wrong.   How ethical is it to take money away from those who can least afford it in such a mean-spirited way?  It also seems doubly wrong if any of the banks participating are receiving bailout money from the federal government. 

This goes back to my proposition that now TODAY is the time to start a business of your own, right in your own home.  If you are currently working or not makes no difference…you can put however much time and effort you want to into it, but even just an extra $100 a month  would be a Godsend to some people.  What if you could bring in an extra $100 a week?  Would that help?

There are many direct selling, network marketing companies with very good products and awesome compensation plans with the potential to make financial worries a thing of the past.  All it takes is:

  1. some research to find one that fits your personal tastes
  2. due diligence to find one that is currently doing business ethically and is financially sound
  3. find one that offers a low sign-in fee and gives good help in getting started
  4. your time and your effort

I personally know several people who have direct selling businesses, each with a different company, but all with great products, good compensation plans and company cultures that make being associated with them something positive and special.  The company with which I’m an independent distributor is a fantastic one, with a great compensation plan, an awesome product and right now, through the end of March, is offering free enrollment to new distributors.  If you’d like information please email me – see my email link at right.

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  1. Hi. Very nice info on MLM Leads. I found your nice blog while researching google. For the past few days I have been trying to learn more. Particularly anything to do with the actual lead generation or companies making them. I’ve seen it all and my best friend keeps promoting her recent lead system craze on me. So I am happy I discovered you. Bye!

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