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Direct Selling is viable income option

Are you looking for a viable income option?  Are you among the millions who have lost their jobs over the past year?  In California are you one of the 20,000 who are being laid off ?  Has your income been cut  because your work week has been reduced from 5 days to 4?  Has your company been bankrupted – and with the closing of the company’s locations was yours among the thousands of  jobs lost? – Circuit City is a case-in-point.

The big question for “every day people” is: how are you going to make ends meet?

The answer is: find income.

One place is in the direct selling industry.

Over the weekend, sitting on our driveway next to the newspaper [wrapped in a clear plastic bag due to the rain] was a clear plastic bag protecting an Avon company catalog.  On the front cover are the words:

  • “…Take Control of Your Finances…Join Today…Make More Money in 2009….”

On the back cover are a few testimonials to the value of being an Avon representative and the wording:

  • “…Why not you, why not today? For more information on the Avon direct selling opportunity, contact the Avon Representative who gave you this brochure….”

I’m not a representative of the Avon company, I’m an independent distributor for a nutritional juice product, but my point is that Avon asks the right question: “…Why not you, why not today?”  Direct Selling is a very real, totally viable option for bringing in needed income. 

With a direct selling opportunity, you are your own business person: you set your hours; you decide how much you will work –parttime, fulltime, evenings, weekends; and with the variety of direct selling income opportunities available, you can find a product or product selection that you can get excited about. 

You can learn to sell – actually what you learn to do is to communicate and relate to people.  I don’t “sell” my product to anyone, I tell them about it, let them try it and then provide them with a vehicle – my business – to purchase it.  I build relationships.  Direct Selling is relationship marketing.  The key to direct sellingis that the products sold can only be purchased through independent distributors/representatives/consultants of those products.  You can’t go to a WalMart and find it on the shelves.  This makes the products unique and valuable.

So, you might ask, how do you find these direct selling opportunities?  Well I just told you about two good ones, the Avon company and mine [just email me for information].  You can go to directselling411.com and access the member directory and find a huge listing of product categories and countries and then search for companies.  Then look up those companies and do your due diligence.  You can do internet search engine searches; you can ask friends and relatives.  Once you start looking you’ll be amazed at how huge the direct selling industry is. 

Help yourself and the economy by joining the positive side of commerce: earn income, spend it wisely.

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