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Announcement: be your own stimulus package

The United States federal stimulus package is designed to help the economy over the country as a whole…putting healing salve on a festering wound

  • “…The $787 billion stimulus bill passed by Congress will not quickly solve the historic problems besetting the economy, but it could reduce the damage, while providing relief for the unemployed and the uninsured….” usatoday.com  

For the country as a whole, any kind of antibiotic is a very good idea.  The little bits of extra cash in the form of $250 one-time payments, increased unemployment benefits [$25 a week], some kinds of tax breaks and tax credits…these will help some for some people.  But overall, the stimulus package will not come into your home today and help you pay your mortgage payment this month, or put groceries in the cupboard or pay the high health insurance co-pays.

Where can you find the economic stimulus that will help you now?

Be your own stimulus package.  And I’m not talking about taking out loans…getting further into credit debt is no answer.  I’m talking about actively bringing in income by starting your own home-based business.  Doesn’t matter if you are currently working fulltime, parttime or are unemployed…there are very many types of income opportunities that will fit whatever situation you are currently in.

Why do this? 

  • by having your own home-based business you are not relying on “entitlements” to bring in income
  • by having your own home-based business that generates income you are (1) paying your own way and (2) pumping more money into your local economy – which is a good thing. 
  • by having your own home-based business you become part of the solution and cease to be a statistic

Here’s a scenario:

  • You are working, but due to the current economy your salary was reduced by the equivalent of one working day a week…this makes it hard to make ends meet.  You find a direct selling income opportunity that has a product(s) you can get excited about and the company itself has all kinds of helps for getting you started and it doesn’t cost a lot to sign up.  You now have the means to supplement your current income.  You work your home business in the evenings and on weekends.  Because you are diligent about it, the income from your home business begins to grow to the point that, besides helping to pay current bills and debts, it can now allow you to purchase a new car.  Your new car purchase helps the local car dealership who is struggling in this economy because people have stopped spending due to cutbacks in income and layoffs.

Human beings are resilient creatures and able to adapt.  My challenge is to think about how you can be your own stimulus package – how can you, from your home and your own efforts – help to stimulate the economy back to health?  How can you increase your income by earning it rather than waiting for government handouts?  The answers are available.

Consider a direct selling income opportunity that you can work from home.  Use it to stimulate your personal economy...if enough people were to do this, the festering wound that is the current country-wide economy will begin to heal from the inside out.  I think we need to remember that the salve [federal stimulus package] has to be bought with something from somewhere.  [“…Many provisions of the nearly $789 billion compromise stimulus plan expire in two years. Additional debt costs would add about $330 billion over 10 years….” usatoday.com

What do you think?

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  1. Again, another great post. I love the header: Be your own stimulus package. 🙂

    Thanks for helping to make a good name for the industry!


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