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Direct selling is an answer for Baby Boomers

Direct Selling is an economic answer for Baby Boomers  and elders, and 20, 30, 40-somethings, and even 18-year olds.

Direct Selling is an income opportunity that lets you work at home, in your own time, to:

  1. bring in extra income to:  (a) help to pay current bills and debts; (b) allow you to enjoy a few added conveniences and luxuries
  2. has potential for serious income: (a) to replace a current job income; (b) provide residual  income
  3. can mean the difference: (a) not have to go on a government entitlement program like Social Security or even get off such a program; (b) allow you to not fear recession, layoffs or downsizing; (c) allow you to choose your own college and career choices because financially you are not limited

In the current economic climate in the United States, over the past year, nearly 3 million people have lost their jobs.  The job market is heavily impacted – hundreds of people vie for very few available jobs.  Starting a Direct Selling business now can mean not having to go on unemployment, can mean keeping the mortgage paid and groceries in the cupboard.

There are Direct Selling companies that do not have large sign-up fees, if current cash flow is a challenge.  There are ways to grow a strong, foundational business without large money output each month.  There are markets for the products and services.  You don’t need prior experience.  Most reputable Direct Selling companies have built in distributor support that will help you to grow and manage your business.  Financial and personal risk is low in the direct selling industry…especially compared with its potential.

What getting involved with a Direct Selling income opportunity can really mean to:

  • Baby Boomers: (1) monthly income in addition to what you’re currently making; (2) potential to replace what you’re currently making; (3) replace income you lost through downsizing or layoffs; an alternative to standing in line for unemployment and for competing with thousands of others for limited jobs; (4) potential for enough income to be your own health insurance and take care of your future longterm health care needs; (5) potential for residual income enough so that the spectre of Social Security never need darken your future [who can really live on $900 a month?] so that you can truly retire and choose your lifestyle for the remainder of your life
  • Elders – those already in their 70’s, retired and/or already on Social Security: (1) provide much needed additional monthly income; (2) potential to replace any entitlement income and earn vastly more; (3) potential for enough income to be your own health insurance and take care of your future longterm health care needs; (4) potential for residual income so that you can truly retire and enjoy your remaining years
  • Twenty-somethings [and 30 to40-somethings]: everything listed for Baby Boomers.
  • 18 -year olds: here’s a question: what if you took one year right after high school and devoted it to building a direct selling business?  You might then have economic options that no one before you ever thought of: (a) truly decide upon a life course – choose your career options on your interests, not on what they might pay; (b) make philanthropy a very real part of your life; (c) have the potential for ongoing residual income so that your entire adult life is spent concentrating on bigger issues than basic economic survival.

A Direct Selling income opportunity really can do all this.  There are many opportunities available with a variety of compensation plans, products and services.  It would take commitment, learning and a desire to succeed…but the potential truly is there.  There are direct selling companies that are right now not suffering negatively during this economic crisis.  Do some research.  Don’t just be passive and hope things will turn out okay…be pro-active and be a part of the solution.  Start.  Baby steps lead to running and jumping and climbing.

**If you are a Baby Boomer, an elder, a 20, 30, 40-something or an 18-year old and would like to know about a direct selling income opportunity that I think is fantastic, send me an email.

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