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‘Them’s fightin’ words, Clem!’

Are you thinking about a network marketing business?  Have you recently looked at a direct selling business model?  Have you been exploring some options that will either give you added income or even something with potential for residual income

Do you fit any of these categories?

  • You’re currently looking at a direct selling income opportunity but your friends tell you: you can’t do that!
  • A friend has interested you in a network marketing business that looks like it might help you meet some urgent financial needs and you shared it with a family member who tells you: that will never work!
  • You recently signed up with a direct selling company to be an independent distributor and invited your very best friend to a meeting and he asks you: why are you wasting your time with that?

If you relate to any or all of the above three you are not alone.  To me these phrases:

  1. …you can’t do that!
  2. …that will never work!
  3. …why are you wasting your time with that?

…are fighting words!  Why?  Usually the people who say them:

  • have no idea of the facts of the matter…they don’t know what they are talking about
  • are the types of people who will instantly give a negative response no matter what the topic
  • are people who themselves have not succeeded in these types of opportunities
  • are people who are afraid to try anything new and for some strange reason will dash the excitement of others

Don’t let such comments persuade you away from an opportunity that could:

  • help you make financial ends meet in these tough economic times
  • give you the potential for residual income
  • give you a chance to make some personal dreams and goals a reality
  • give you the financial tools – and freedom – to do some good in this world

So, what do you do?

  1. Do your due diligence.  Check out the opportunity for yourself and satisfy yourself that it is something worth your time and effort.
  2. Once that is done, forge ahead.  Disregard the negative comments of people who do not have the facts.
  3. Find supportive people who can give you the emotional uplifting – positive charges – that all human beings need…especially when first starting out with a new venture.
  4. Be successful.  Once you begin to achieve goals and reach milestones the naysayers will drop their jaws and have no comeback…they may even be interested to know what you’ve got.

*My commercial: email me if you’d like to know about a direct selling income opportunity

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