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We all deserve a chance for change

President Barack Obama’s inspiring and invigorating Inaugural Speech  January 20 lifted my spirits.  In all of my adult life I have never felt so hopeful for a future for my daughters, their husbands and my little grandson…a future in which hope is not just a light, but also a hope of substance.

I have a home-based business.  It is my desire that my little business will grow and I must confess that the dismal, discouraging economic news of the past year has dampened my enthusiasm and even caused me to wonder if going forward is even a good idea.  After all, what can one little home-based business do for this world?

After listening…watching how the words were said…I am so very encouraged.  As I was listening to President Obama’s words today I noted some phrases:

  • “…all deserve a chance….”  – Wow!  Powerful!  All, meaning every single one of us everywhere…deserve a chance to follow our dreams and make life positive for not only ourselves, but our neighbors as well.
  • “…not a path for the weak-hearted….” – This resonated with me.  Having a home-based business in this economy is difficult.  It requires courage and stamina and determination.
  • “…goods and services needed….” – Yes!  An affirmation that what we build, produce and conduct commerce with is as valid now as yesterday and will be valid in the days ahead.
  • “…starting today pick ourselves up….” – A clear message to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and, as the oldsters used to say, ‘pull ourselves up by our bootstraps’ and get on with the business at hand.  Yes times are tough but if we persevere and work together we will get through the rugged mountain passes to the green valleys beyond.
  • “…there is work to be done….”  – Much work.  By everyone.  Not just a few, everyone.
  • “…question the scale of our ambition….” – I took this to heart and to me it means that I will not scale down my dreams and goals just because the economic going is rough right now. 
  • “…do our business in the light of day….” – If ever there were a time needed for business and personal ethics and integrity it is now.
  • “…extend opportunity to every willing heart….”  – Do not hide your light in a barrel.  Do not quit, ever.  Do everything you can to keep your business going, to be a part of the solution to our economic woes so that we can all go on to make wellness happen in every area of human endeavor – everywhere on the globe.  This is not only an American issue.

Such a message of positive hope even though recognizing the challenges…I, for one, can continue working hard if I know there is a chance, a potential, for success.

In the motion picture, “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring,” Gandolf says to Frodo – who is fretful about whether or not he will be able to do such a big job for such a little fellow –

  • “…all you have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is given to you….” [apologies to the movie’s writers/producers if I have it incorrect]

What this says to me, in the context of today’s Inaugural excitement, is that the Time is Now and that each one of us will have to decide what to do with our part in this Time.  Will it be as part of the solution?  As human embodiments of the spoken hope?  Let’s hope so.

So, having thus been encouraged, I will continue working my little home-based business, based on huge ambitions for what it might do for my family and those in whom I come in contact.

What about you?

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