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Meandering thoughts about a home-based business

Big companies, corporations…and even mid-size to small companies get to gather their people together periodically to applaud past success and strategize about future direction.  Depending upon the budget, these groups of people might meet at a 4-star hotel and have break-out meetings, key note speakers and catered lunches; or they might meet in the conference room and all go out for lunch en masse to a local restaurant then come back and take turns putting yellow sticky notes up on the white board under the direction of a facilitator.

What if you are a home-based business person and you are your staff ?  What does your annual strategizing sessions look like?  Mine kind of happen in my head with “stuff” bumping around the inside of my skull like a pinball machine.  My mental yellow sticky notes might have on them:

  • what is my Vision?  Can a solo owner, home-based business have a Vision?  Where am I going and where do I want to be with this?
  • Marketing Plan?  Does my business need a marketing plan?  If yes, why don’t I have one in place already?  If I have one, do I have some way of determining its effectiveness?
  • Who’s my customer?  Is there a specific profile to help me determine who wants my product?
  • Do I have competition?  Am I in a niche market so small I needn’t worry about competition?  Or, is my market a big one and my product is “just one more good” something?
  • Is my product’s brand a recognizable one?  What about my personal brand for my business?  As a small business person am I known for giving good customer service?  Can people contact me easily?  Do I follow-up promptly on inquiries?
  • What is my business all about?  Is it in existence because I need to help pay the mortgage?  Am I wanting to set up a trust fund for grandchildren?  Are there some dreams I’ve put on the back burner of Life because resources are too limited to reach for them without this?
  • What don’t I know and how am I going to educate myself so that my business can flourish ?

My mental white board is loaded with yellow sticky notes and now it’s time to sort them.  It’s time to take the information on the virtual notes and put them on actual sticky notes and arrange them on the actual white board in my real world office.  It’s time to take the business from my head out into the world and make it grow.

How is your home-based business strategizing working now that we’re mid-way in January of ’09?

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3 Responses

  1. Linda,

    Wow! You do the same things that I do. I run a small business too and my staff consists of me and my husband. Not exactly enough employees to constitute having a conference at a 4 star hotel. I find myself constantly sorting through ideas in my head. I almost always have a pad of paper near me so I can write them down before they pop out of my head. My husband jokes that I should tie it around my neck so I always have it close by! I hope the new year treats your business well.

    Kimberly Grass, MBA, CRESS
    Virtual Workforce LLC
    “Let Us Lighten the Load”
    Newmarket, NH 03857
    Phone: (603)292-5716
    E-mail: kgrass@virtualwf.com
    Website: http://www.virtualwf.com
    Blog: http://www.vworkforce.wordpress.com

  2. Hi Kimberly – I’ve often thought it would be amusing to book a room at a swank hotel and tell them I’m having a company strategy meeting and when they ask how many, I just say “one.” Actually, I’m thinking of taking a three-day weekend in late spring to the coast as a kind of retreat to think through some long-range plans. I hope your year goes well also. – Linda

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