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1 can be a mighty lonely number

If you’ve been contemplating the idea of starting your own home-based business, could you be holding back because you think you’ll be alone in your efforts?  Are you thinking that you’ll be alone with no one to cheer you on or help you understand your product or how your business is supposed to work?

Many home-based businesses are direct selling businesses.  In the “old days” of door-to-door sales, direct sales people literally packed up a bag with their wares and went knocking on doors…cold calling as it was referred to then.  Some of those companies gave their representatives a kit, a book of instructions and sent them on their way.  You kept your books, reported your sales, received inventory and your share of profit and hit the streets again.   Makes me think of the Middle Ages when itinerant “things” dealers would load up their carts with kitchen utensils, bolts of cloth, sewing needles, tools and all sorts of sundry items and went town-to-town hawking their wares.  Now this was lonely direct selling.

The 21st century is a new and exciting place for the home-based direct selling business person.  If you do your homework, your due diligence, you’ll find a product you can be excited and passionate about with a company that is legitimate and prosperous.

1 is no longer a lonely number for the Independent Distributor or independent contractor.  Why?

  • With a good company you’ll have all the product information you need at your fingertips through printed materials and online resources that you can access and that you can point your customers to
  • With a good company you’ll have business training…the company wants you to be successful [why wouldn’t they?] and will provide you with training…and many successful upline distributors will also provide training – you are not on your own to figure out how the business ought to work
  • With a good company you’ll have opportunities for encouragement: whether what incentivizes you are 1)items like jewelry, buttons and badges, or 2)trips and vacations, or 3)recognition and pats-on-the back, or 4)cash bonuses
  • With a good company you’ll have opportunities to recharge your enthusiasm by being able to get together with other distributors/contractors/representatives at functions – **this is an important point: some internet-based income opportunities will use the notion that “hotel meetings” are old-hat and unncessary, nothing could be further from the truthhuman beings are social beings – we need to be around one another; we need to hear testimonials from others on how they achieved their success; we need to see the enthusiasm others have for our product and business choice; we need to be welcomed by real people who share our passion for our product; we need that connection so that we know beyond doubt that we are not alone in our venture

The thought that you would be solo in your business should you start a home-based income opportunity no longer needs to be a negative.  Bring your desires and dreams to the table and let the process fill in the blanks and get you on your way to becoming a successful business person.  And always remember: your business will be what you make of it.  If you take advantage of all the training, help and encouragement that is offered and learn and apply, you’ll stand a chance of reaching the goals that are important to you. 

Now 1 becomes a powerful number.

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